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Casting out the spirits of the Babylonian rulers

Dec 31, 2018

Our heavenly Father called another divine court session last Saturday afternoon to bring judgment upon the evil spirits directing the 13 witchcraft families that have put the world under the control of Mystery Babylon. When I wrote about the abortion problem in my previous weblog, tracing it back to Moses and Herod, we did not know which family was associated with that particular spirit, but we knew that it was one of them.

On Friday evening, December 28, we brought judgment upon 9 of those spirits, and then the next day, Saturday, we dealt with the final 4, plus another spirit from a prominent family that was not actually one of the 13. So this was 14 in all, along with some others that the Father dragged into court afterward.

Incidentally, Brad and I are the main judges in these projects, although we often get help from a few others. When Dr. Tim Atkinson was here visiting me, he helped out in a session, and later, Kevin came to visit me from Houston, and he too was able to help out. The court sessions go on, regardless of who is visiting! Apparently, the Father wants witnesses in case some may doubt the reality of what is happening here.

Anyway, to give you a little background, early Friday morning, December 28, Brad had a dream about removing the bulls from the barn. In the dream, he went to the loft and prayed, and when he went back down to the main floor, the bulls were gone. This was connected to a previous word that he had received about the “bulls of Bashan” (Psalm 22:12), and he understood these revelations to be about the 13 witchcraft families.

That is how we knew that the sessions Friday evening and Saturday afternoon were about these witchcraft families. Of course, not everyone who carries those names are into witchcraft—not even those who are part of those bloodlines. But those who are into such things are part of the dying Babylonian system that has now lost its divine mandate to rule the earth.

In fact, as we see it, our work is directed toward setting them free from the bondage of these evil spirits, so that they may repent and come to know Jesus Christ as we do. Many of them, however, may not repent until the Great White Throne judgment far into the future, and these must be removed from positions of power in order to establish the Kingdom.

The family names are listed in Fritz Springmeier’s book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati. The Lord confirmed his listing, and we ended up dealing with these family spirits in the order in which Springmeier lists them in his book. The first 9 family spirits that we dealt with were:

Astor (named for Astoroth, Ashtoreth, Astarte, “Star,” etc.)

1. Bundy
2. Collins
3. DuPont
4. Freeman
5. Kennedy
6. Li (Chinese family)
7. Onassis
8. Rockefeller
9, Rothschild

As each of these spirits were summoned to the divine court, each manifested in some way that reflected part of the history of that family. For example, the spirit behind the Bundy family was heard to say, “Ted,” as in Ted Bundy, the serial killer. The Collins spirit showed Irish plaid for some reason, so we assume that this family came from Ireland, as did the Kennedys. With Kennedy, we saw liquor, and I recalled that the Kennedys made their fortune on bootleg liquor during the Prohibition era of the 1920’s.

With the Li spirit we saw a red flag, obviously the flag of Communist China. Onassis was pictured as a man with dark glasses, smoking a cigar on a yacht. The Onassis family controls much of the shipping worldwide. With Rockefeller was a train. The Rockefeller family was big in the railroads back in the 1800’s before getting into the oil business in the 1900’s.

When we cast out the Rothschild spirit, it manifested as Nikki Hilton Rothschild, whose older sister, Paris Hilton, is probably more well known. Nikki married James Rothschild in 2015, joining that family.


That should give you some idea how we received confirmation of each family’s identity in this court process. Perhaps we may conclude that in a divine court of law, as in earthly court, identification is required.

Saturday Court Session

On Saturday, the Father scheduled the court session for 1:00 pm CST. We all gathered a bit early and were fellowshipping nicely when suddenly the first spirit manifested. I looked at my watch, and it was precisely 1:00 pm.  It was the Russell family spirit.

The Russell Spirit

According to Springmeier, the Order of the Skull and Bones was established in 1833 at Yale University by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. It was incorporated as the Russell Trust in 1856.

In fact, William Russell was descended from Rev. Nodiah Russell, who was one of the founders of Yale (along with Rev. James Pierpont). They went on to be opium shippers and pirates, and this was one reason for the name “Skull and Bones,” the logo being the common flag of a pirate.

One of the more well-known Russells, a friend of the Rothschilds, was Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses). He was also influenced by Darby, the Dispensationalist who introduced Zionism to the church. As such, Russell was one of the first Zionists in America, as the Rothschilds worked throughout the 1800’s to gain sufficient power and influence to establish the Jewish state in 1948.


Russell was also a Freemason and a Templar, says Springmeier. He writes on page 313,

“It was this author’s investigation into Charles Taze Russell that eventually grew into an investigation into the entire Illuminati organization.”

I do not know if or how deeply Charles Taze Russell was connected to the activities of the Russell bloodline itself. However, the spirit behind the family was identified by a watchtower.

C.T. Russell’s adoption of the concept of “Kingdom” probably came through the Rothschild-Jewish influence. Unfortunately, today when we speak of the Kingdom, many think we are Jehovah’s Witnesses, when actually, we promote an entirely different Kingdom, one that is headed by Jesus Christ and those who are called to rule and reign with Him. We do not promote a Jewish kingdom, as do the Zionists and Christian Zionists.

According to Albert Pike’s plan, first published in the 1800’s, the occult powers were to foment three world wars. The first was to set up the second war, and the second war (1940-1945) was to set the stage for a Jewish state in order to cause turmoil in the Middle East, which would result ultimately in World War III. Its purpose was to destroy Jerusalem, creating disillusionment among Muslims, Christians, and Jews, so that Pike’s Luciferian religion could fill the vacuum and become the dominant religion of the world.


Other Family Spirits

God then summoned the Krupp family spirit, followed by the Payseur spirit, which manifested as a French flag. Hardly anyone knows about the Payseur family, which was descended from the so-called Dauphin Prince (Louis XVII), born in 1785, and supposedly executed in 1795. However, the finance minister saved him by substituting another in his place and taking the prince to London, where the King of England gave him a ship. The finance minister also took most of the wealth from France, and this made young Payseur (as he was now called) a very rich man. He financed the railroads in the 1800’s.

I first heard of the Payseur family about 20 years ago, because a friend knew the heir, Donald Payseur, who is from Birmingham, Alabama. He had written an unpublished book about his own family history.

The Payseur family is not one of the main 13 families, as far as men would list them, but God saw fit to summon this spirit to the court for judgment.

Next came the Spring family spirit, followed by the DuPont spirit, and the Van Duyn spirit. This Van Duyn family spirit, we learned, is specifically the spirit that I described in my previous weblog, the one behind Pharaoh and Herod in their slaughter of the children. It is also behind the abortion industry today, and probably has a lot to do with child trafficking as well. It was identified in the divine court with crying babies.

We then saw the Reynolds family spirit. For some reason, it manifested as a snake eating its tail and the strange word ouroboros. I looked it up online, as this was a new term to me. I learned that it is a Greek word: oura, “tail,” and bora, “food.”


We thought we were done, but then God summoned one more—or rather, a trinity of sorts—that we sent into outer darkness and then discussed and discerned who these were.

We heard the strange identification, “Cernunnos,” and then found it online:


This “horned Celtic god” is associated with the “triple Coventina,” three phases of the moon.

 Pic for Blog 12-31-2018.jpg


For our purposes, these are counterfeits of three biblical women: the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Anna, the old prophetess. The first gave birth to Jesus, the second supposedly married Jesus, and the third depicted old age, or the end of the lunar cycle.

These were unknown to me prior to this court session, although I certainly know about the biblical women that were being counterfeited in false worship. In addition, we discerned that these three also had male counterparts in another trinity of some kind.

Whatever the case, we were called to deal with these spirits in addition to the family spirits. It took over 2 hours in all, but we felt that it was a productive day.

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