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Whistleblower implicates Deutsche Bank

Nov 20, 2018

The bad news coming out of Deutsche Bank keeps coming. Europe's largest bank is too big to care about laws and rules.


Whistleblower Implicates Deutsche Bank In $150 Billion Money Laundering Scandal

Just when Deutsche Bank probably thought the worst of its legal troubles (over the Libor scandal, sales of shoddy mortgage-backed securities, FX and precious metal rigging which collective resulted in tens of billions in legal fines) were behind it, the struggling German lender is being drawn deeper into the biggest money laundering scandal in European history.

Just about every major bank has been fined for money laundering or insider trading or some other illegal actions that have scammed their customers and investors. Deutsche Bank’s stock price has plummeted in the past year, and it is widely believed that not only confidence but also the bank itself will collapse in the near future.

If so, this will be an event far bigger than the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the bank crisis of 2008. It will literally affect the entire banking world and lead to major changes. Bankers are talking about a new system called the Quantum Financial System. Those who understand the situation are taking steps to prepare for such changes, so that they do not lose their assets.

Of course, I view these events in terms of the collapse of Mystery Babylon, whose power is funded and driven by the big banks that the leaders of Babylon have created.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones