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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns

Nov 07, 2018

Now that the midterm elections are done, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned, and his Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, has taken over his duties as interim AG.

Sessions’ letter of resignation is posted here:


This paves the way for the release of the declassified FISA memos and related emails, which (according to Q) will force the resignation of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein as well.

With the soon-coming departure of Rosenstein, a new Attorney General will be needed to oversee the Mueller “Russia Collusion” investigative fiasco, from which Sessions had recused himself.

In other words, the pieces are being placed on the chessboard for a new chapter in the history of fiasco investigations. Sessions’ resignation is a clear indication that the investigation will now continue under new supervision and will probably reveal entirely new evidence that backfires on the Democratic Party.

The Democrats were the real colluders, not Trump, and President Obama was part of that collusion along with his entire cabinet (including Hillary).

So it will be interesting to see how this plays out one step at a time.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones