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Trump in Context

Nov 20, 2018

Here is an interesting and well-written summation of history from the past hundred years that puts the Trump presidency into the context of other non-establishment presidencies. The whole article is of interest, but here is how it begins:


Many have noticed the Trump presidency is extraordinary in more ways than one. Here is one way. In decades and centuries past, when a non-Establishment candidate has been elected to the White House, he has been promptly dispatched by gunshot, always by a crazed or extremist “lone gunman.” If Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy or Reagan had been as well prepared and protected as Trump has been to date, America likely would be a different and far better place than we know today.

     During his campaign for president and at his inauguration, Donald Trump stated clearly he intended to take power back from the cabal of ruling elite and return it to the American people. That is tantamount to a declaration of war against the globalist kingmakers who have ruled the world for centuries, and the globalists’ counter-attack has been furious.

     President Trump clearly has better protection for himself and his family than previous presidents have enjoyed. But his challenge to the elitist globalists is being mounted at a time when they are many years further along in their game plan to destroy completely the world’s middle class and every republican national government.

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Category: Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones