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The new Prophetic Year

Nov 07, 2018

The votes have been cast in the midterm elections, and everyone is now licking their wounds and assessing the damage, while at the same time cheering their victories.

Both of the major parties have reason to rejoice and to weep. It is what it is, and so now we look ahead to see how the results will affect the next two years until the 20/20 presidential election.

The Democrats took the majority in the House, and the Republicans solidified their lead in the Senate. There may yet be investigations into voter fraud, of course, but past charges have never done anything to change the results of an election. There is a long history in certain cities of voter fraud, and I cannot think of a single example where the Justice Department has ever tried to prosecute anyone for it. This time may be different, but I would not count on it.

Yet from my point of view, November 6, 2018 marked the start of the new Prophetic Year, the previous one having ended on the 8th day of Tabernacles (October 1). Since the events of the first day always give us the first clues as to the nature and purpose of the new Prophetic Year, there is no doubt that the election has provided us with our first clue.

Nonetheless, there are two more dates to watch in the next 152 days (76 x 2), since each Prophetic Year begins with two cleansing cycles of 76 days each—the biblical number of cleansing. These dates are: January 20/21 and April 6/7.

This year Passover will be celebrated on the evening of Friday, April 19. This is a reset year, where a 13th month is added to the Hebrew calendar. Otherwise Passover would be too early, and the barley would not yet be ripe (most likely).

While these dates are still too far away to get any instruction from them, mark them on your calendar for future reference.

Watch Date: November 14/15

Now that we have begun the new Prophetic Year, I find it necessary to confuse many of you by giving you an update on the coming Watch Dates. Most people are not used to thinking in terms of dates and time cycles, but Scripture does tell us to be watchful and to know the times and seasons. To obey such an injunction requires a firm knowledge of the Scriptures in order to be able to apply those stories in a prophetic manner to our own situations.

Most people have some knowledge of the Bible stories, but most do not understand that most (if not all) of these stories are prophetic on some level. The stories set prophetic patterns that are repeated over and over again in later history. Our generation is no exception to this, and so by spiritual discernment we are able to see certain signposts along the path of history which tell us where we are in the history of the Kingdom.

In this past Prophetic Year, April 13, 2018 was the end of the second 76-day cleansing cycle. This date also marked the start of the spiritual battle called the Battle of Ai. This battle was connected to Joshua’s battle of Ai in Joshua 7:4 and 8:28.

In Joshua’s time, the battle was in two stages, because Israel lost the first battle due to sin in the camp. Hence, it took a second battle to gain the victory. We recognized this problem, and so we took steps to counter this problem last April. We repented ahead of time, because we certainly did not want to incur casualties of war in our Battle of Ai.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that November 15 was a watch date because it was 216 days after the start of the Battle of Ai on April 13. On April 13, in fact, President Trump sent a barrage of missiles into Syria. Being on the outside, we do not really know Trump’s motives or reasoning in this, other than what the media reported in its own flawed manner, but its connection to the Battle of Ai suggests that there may have been some “sin in the camp” in regard to that missile attack. However, we had the insight even before the attack to deal with it through repentance on behalf of the nation.

Perhaps the mixed win-loss result of the midterm election might also reflect the loss-win record of the original Battle of Ai. If so, we might conclude that an initial loss will later be corrected and turned into victory on account of repentance (Joshua 7:13). We will have to watch and see.

Recall that we saw three major 216-day cycles from February to September of this year. This mostly had to do with the transition from Elijah to Elisha and from Moses to Joshua.

We are now coming up on another (known or discerned) 216-day cycle. Our Battle of Ai took place over a period of a few days from April 13-17, 2018, and if we plot out the cycle from those dates, we come to November 14/15 to 18/19.

November 15: The 318th Day of the Year

We also note that November 15 is the 318th day of the year. This seems to provide a double witness to the watch date, since it is also 216 days from the Battle of Ai.

Recall that Abraham had 318 servants of military age (20-50) who were sent to defeat the coalition of five kings who had taken Lot captive (Genesis 14:14). That number, then, represents the overcomers of Abraham’s “household of faith,” a term Paul uses in Galatians 6:10. The overcomers are people of faith and of the New Covenant, which is about God’s grace in giving us His promises. It is interesting, then, that the number 5, which is the biblical number of grace, appears 318 times in the Bible.

Likewise, the Hebrew words for “In the beginning God” has a numeric value of 999. If you construct a circle with a circumference of 999, the diameter of that circle is 318. Hence, grace was planned from the beginning. Most of humanity is running around in circles on the 999 path, but the overcomers take the shorter path of grace. They find grace before the others and are therefore eligible for the first resurrection (Revelation 20:4, 5, 6).

The dead overcomers will be raised first, and the living overcomers will be transfigured or “changed” (1 Corinthians 15:51). Jesus’ transfiguration is the pattern for that event. Matthew 17:2 says that “His face shone like the sun.” The Greek word for “sun” is helios, which has a numeric value of 318.

Last July my car lease ran out, and so I traded it in for newer model. The state of Minnesota sent me license plate #318 XMA. I have often seen prophecy in my license plates over the year, but this was particularly striking—especially when my neighbor (at the office next door) pulled his car next to mine and I saw that his license was also 318. What are the odds of that?

The number 318 is also associated with the prophecy in the “Strange Dinar Story” at a Carls Jr. restaurant. I posted the story on March 24, 2011.


It is relevant to the 9th miracle-sign of Elisha, as I have often talked about. Hence, the 318th day of the year is always a watch date in this regard.

The Conference at Lake Sebu

Five years ago, November 14, 2013 was the 318th day of the year. I was teaching at a conference in Lake Sebu on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. I had been asked by a friend to give the 100 pastors each a 10,000-dinar note on his behalf, and so I did so on the night of November 14/15 at the close of the conference. November 14, 2013 was the 318th day of that year as well.

That, of course, was the occasion where we saw a strong pattern of the 9th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44), where the prophet fed 100 men by multiplying the bread. This in turn was the Old Testament story running parallel to John 6, where Jesus again multiplied the bread. In the setup to that miracle, Jesus asked Philip how they might feed so many, and he answered (literally), “Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient” (John 6:7).

The denarii are now dinars in some Mideast countries.

The January 27, 2018 sign: The Double Anointing of Elisha

January 27, 2018 was the end of the first 76-day cycle in the past Prophetic Year. You might also view it as the midpoint of 3 dates separated by 76 days, beginning with November 12, 2017, which was the start of the Prophetic Year that has just now ended.

What we saw on January 27, 2018 may seem trivial to some, but it was very unusual, and God often speaks in the little (personal) things in life. A friend reported breaking open 2 double-yoke eggs that morning for breakfast. We took this as a reference to the double anointing of the Birthright and of Elisha’s calling, because, as Isaiah 10:27 KJV says, “the yoke will be destroyed [“broken,” NASB] because of the anointing.”

In February double yokes were observed a few more times, making the event even more unusual. These also suggested the transition from Elijah to Elisha was occurring, though at the time we did not know that we were supposed to watch the 216-day cycles from February to September. Most notable in this regard was the passing of Chuck-JOHNEL, an Elijah type, on February 10, because 216 days later we saw the completion of this with the whirlwind (Florence) on September 14.

All of this suggests that we will soon break through the single anointing of Elijah into the double anointing of Elisha. So far we have seen manifestations of the first 8 miracle-signs of Elisha which have equaled the 8 miracle-signs performed by Elijah. It seems that we have been on the brink of the 9th sign since July 2010. That sign is about multiplying the bread, or making provision for the ministry of the 10th sign (2 Kings 5).

It is the healing of Naaman, the Syrian, suggesting a ministry that goes beyond borders. I take this quite personally, of course, because Naaman the Syrian was a leper, and our logo of the two doves is based on the law of the cleansing of lepers in Leviticus 14:1-8.

While we have already seen signs of provision as well as some strategic actual provision, allowing us to travel to foreign countries in the past few years, we are still in the preparatory stages of this new Elisha double-anointing ministry. We have been able to do some important ground work in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Cambodia, but it will require much more to do the work on a large scale, as we are planning. To begin acquiring land to build Bible schools and Christian communities (as we envision) will require divine intervention on a massive scale.

We are encouraged, however, in spite of the apparent delay since 2010 when the 8th sign of Elisha was seen. We know that we have not missed it, because we continue to see signposts along the way that tell us of the ongoing transition from Elijah to Elisha.

Our next watch date in this regard, of course, is November 14/15, as it is both the 318th day of the year and the 216th day since the start of the Battle of Ai. And now that we have begun a new Prophetic Year yesterday, we can turn the page and look forward to a fresh revelation and a new work of God in the coming year.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones