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Significant News about Netanyahu and Rothschild Power

Nov 20, 2018

A week ago the Israelis fought with Hamas in the Gaza Strip after Israeli commandos infiltrating Gaza assassinated the Palestinian military commander. The commandos’ car was spotted before they could escape, and a gun battle ensued. The commandos called for backup, and Israel planes began to fire missiles at the Hamas defenders.

PM Netanyahu returned quickly from the Paris summit, where national leaders were celebrating the end of World War 1 on November 11. Netanyahu then arranged some sort of ceasefire, which caused his defense minister to resign. This in turn sparked a political crisis which now threatens to derail the current coalition government of Netanyahu.

These events have weakened Netanyahu at a time when he is already vulnerable to being arrested for corruption by the Israeli court. Up to this point he has managed to use his political position to avoid arrest and prosecution, but the recent crisis may easily change that situation, as we see in the Israeli news link, Middle East Monitor:


Israel Police are willing to submit their recommendations to the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding their investigation into allegations of corruption against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli media revealed on Friday.

Israel’s Channel 10 news reported that Case 4000 (sometimes known as the Bezeq case) will be the third file in which the police recommend Netanyahu be prosecuted for corruption, having previously recommended he be charged in both Case 1000 and Case 2000.

Channel 10 added that Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, will also be investigated next month for her suspected involvement in Case 4000.

Benjamin Fulford’s weekly blog dated November 19, 2018 says this:

Until now Netanyahu has been able to use his position as Prime Minister to prevent his own prosecution.  However, now that he has lost his Parliamentary majority, his ability to prevent his own arrest is coming to an end, say Mossad sources.

Netanyahu’s downfall was precipitated by his quickly defeated offensive against the Gaza Strip, Pentagon sources say. 


Meanwhile, Europe’s new chief of Interpol is a Russian, Alexander Prokopchuk.


British officials expect Alexander Prokopchuk, a former major-general at the Russian Interior Ministry, to be elected as Interpol president as soon as Wednesday, The Times reported, without saying where it got the information.

The election would follow the resignation of former President Meng Hongwei, who is now being investigated by Chinese authorities under suspicion of accepting bribes and violating other state laws.

The mainstream media is screaming at this, although he is simply replacing the previous president (from China) who was recently arrested and recalled on corruption charges. Whether one views this in a positive or negative light, it sheds light on the shift in the current power struggle between East and West, which affects all of us, at least indirectly.

To understand all of this, one has to know the nature of the battle that has been going on since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990. Here in the US, the Brzezinski Doctrine has ruled foreign policy toward the new Russian Republic. I have written about this in the past. Brzezinski believed that if Russia were allowed to thrive outside of a Rothschild-controlled Communist state, they would be poised to be the main land-based trade and transportation link between China and Europe. The new “Silk Road” initiative is indeed making that happen.

The problem is that Britain and the US (actually, their Rothschild masters) have controlled trade for the past few centuries, because they controlled the high seas, which were the main trade routes. But the Silk Road, with roads, railroads, and pipelines being constructed on land, is reducing the economic power and control of the West by shifting trade to the land route.

For this reason, although Russia tried very hard to “look west” and become part of Europe, the US has opposed this and has treated Russia like an enemy. Whereas the Cold War should have ended in 1990, the Brzezinski Doctrine would not let that happen. As a result, the world has remained in a state of conflict and war instead of cooperation and peace.

The Rothschilds are slowly losing power as the people discover how their power and control have been the cause of virtually all of the major wars in the past two centuries. World leaders like France’s Macron and Benjamin Netanyahu are just Rothschild agents who establish political policies according to the dictates of the Rothschild family.

But times are changing, and The Great Awakening is upon us.

Back in the early 1970’s, when I first began to learn about the Rothschilds ruling the nations secretly, it seemed that very few people knew this or would believe it. Today, that has changed, and this is well known to at least a third of politically-active Americans. That is huge.

David de Rothschild has been hiding from the French police for years after an arrest warrant was issued for him. The head of the French Rothschild family is now Alexandre Guy de Rothschild, who, according to Fulford’s sources, “is married to the daughter of Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso.”

Japan itself became a Rothschild colony 150 years ago. I learned this from a retired Army Intelligence officer who attended a Bible Camp where I was teaching in the late 1970’s. He had been assigned to the Panama Canal in earlier years, and he told me that he had personally seen the paperwork proving this. He said that the papers (at the time) were locked in an Army Intelligence safe at the Panama Canal Zone.

Japan is only now being slowly emancipated as the Rothschilds lose their grip on Japan. Fulford writes,

“The French Rothschild control over Japan will end soon, though, multiple sources say. The Iwasaki family, who control the Mitsubishi group that in turn controls the regime of Shinzo Abe, is suing for peace, White Dragon Society sources say.”

Fulford also makes the point that Israeli PM Netanyahu is ready to testify against his Rothschild bosses in order to avoid prosecution for corruption. That remains to be seen, of course, but it does indicate that the Rothschild “Khazarian Mafia” (as Fulford calls it) is falling. We know this hidden power by its biblical name, Mystery Babylon.

Fulford himself is from a Jewish background, but he is very much opposed to the “Khazarian Mafia” that has enslaved not only the world in general but Jews in particular. I first studied the history of the Khazars back in the mid-1970’s. There had been more than 40 books written about them by that time, mostly authored by Jewish historians. But the main eye-opener came through Arthur Koestler’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe, first published in 1976. I quoted from his book in chapter 15 of The Struggle for the Birthright.

No one really understands the broader context in the rise of Mystery Babylon without knowing something of the history of Khazaria. It extended for more than a million square miles in its heyday a thousand years ago, but few today outside of the Middle East have even heard of Khazaria.

The Khazars (or Chazars) converted to Judaism in the 7th or 8th century. The Rothschilds themselves were Khazar-Jews, who virtually invented Zionism and created the Israeli state that exists today. Hence, Fulford is strongly opposed to modern Zionism.

This history has largely been suppressed, because it tends to undermine the legitimacy of Zionism itself. After all, to most people (including Christians) the legitimacy of Zionism is based upon a racial claim to the land of Palestine. If most Jews immigrating to “Israel” are Khazars who merely converted to Judaism long after the Jewish dispersion, arguments can be made against their right to claim land that their forefathers never owned.

One might actually have to revise one’s view of Bible prophecy and question Scofield’s notes. But Scofield’s Zionism has long been institutionalized in mainstream Christianity, and this is a highly-charged emotional issue today. I do not think that many will see an alternate view of prophecy before Jeremiah 19:10, 11 and Isaiah 29:1, 2 are fulfilled. Only the final destruction of Jerusalem will wrench Christians from their stupor and blindness.

That event will also be the key to setting Christianity free from its bondage to an Old Covenant mindset. Paul says that the earthly Jerusalem is “Hagar,” which must be “cast out” (Galatians 4:25, 30) in order to empower New Covenant people with the Birthright. This event has not yet occurred, but I believe it is coming soon.

A Short Trip Report

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to some businessmen who were discussing the purchase of a certain piece of commercial property. One man involved in the discussions is a high-ranking director of the Republican Party, who has more influence in Congress than most Congressmen. He had just finished teaching a political course at a prominent university in California.

Others were from the advertising industry, running national ads on television for the auto industry and also from the airline industry. Essentially, this covered politics, media, and transportation industries, all of which will be important to us in the years ahead. All of them were well informed about the world situation, having a desire to make the world a better place.

I was able to share for a few minutes about the laws of God in Deuteronomy and how the early American understanding of biblical law was foundational to our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I also pointed out the shortcomings of men’s understanding of biblical law, as many restricted its principles of liberty to the few rather than to all equally. In America, they failed to extend liberty and “natural rights” (from God) to Native Americans and African Americans. In Talmudic Judaism, the law has been restricted even further. Hence, “Jewish law” is based on the restricted understanding of “God’s law.”

Until we recognize the difference, we will continue to make the same mistakes as seen in past history. When understood and applied correctly, the law of God will truly bring “liberty and justice for all.” Only then will all begin to see that the biblical God is not an oppressor but a libertarian.

My point was that we need to understand the law of God through Jesus’ eyes, rather than through the eyes of a rabbi steeped in Old Covenant thinking. The law of God applies universally and without partiality to all of God’s creation.

Who knows what will come of that brief encounter yesterday?

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