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Paradise Lost

Nov 12, 2018

In 1667 John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. It seems like an appropriate title for the situation that now exists in Paradise, California after a devastating wildfire virtually destroyed the city, burning it to the ground.

In fact, this seems like a combination of Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno, written in the 14th century. I’m not sure what this might prophesy, but it’s not looking too good for California, which many have considered to be a second paradise—right after Hawaii, of course!


Wildfire which incinerated Paradise is now the joint deadliest in state history leaving 29 dead and 228 missing as 8,000 firefighters battle the infernos statewide which have killed 31 in total

Ten search and recovery teams are working in Paradise - a town of 27,000 that was largely incinerated on Thursday - and in surrounding communities. 

Authorities called in a mobile DNA lab and anthropologists to help identify victims of the most destructive wildfire in California history.


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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones