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Kingdom Immigration Principles

Nov 01, 2018

Now that the midterm elections are drawing near, and people believe that the future of the nation and the world hang in the balance, the contest/war is getting quite hot. People are getting killed, the latest at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania, hoping to place blame on President Trump, when in fact, the violent rhetoric has been coming from the Democratic leadership itself.

Meanwhile, George Soros has handed out money to encourage and finance the immigrant “caravan” for political purposes and to portray an uncaring president. If the caravan were to succeed, it would open the door to millions of others who are watching—people from all over the world who would love to move to the Promised Land.

Immigration has been weaponized since the Europeans came to America. The Native Americans understand how immigration is a very effective way to conquer a country. So do the Palestinians. In fact, Ezekiel 38 and 39 was fulfilled a century ago when the Khazars of Gog and Magog conquered the old land by immigration.

The Democratic leadership knows this and is now using immigration to try to retain power and their Babylonian way of life, even to the point of giving illegal immigrants the right to vote. They are afraid of losing the election process and see the need to import more Democratic voters.

I certainly understand that many countries are overrun with bad politicians in government and gangs in the streets. I understand that people want a better life in America where it is heaven in comparison. I have nothing against immigration, nor do I lack compassion for those who have to live in such appalling conditions in their own countries. However, there is a reason why people throughout the past have had to study the American form of government before being granted citizenship. What we take for granted in America is largely unknown in other parts of the world.

Liberty is a Biblical Concept

The American form of government (as originally intended) was based upon a biblical worldview. Liberty was defined and established by God’s laws, which were opened up when the Bible became part of every household during the Protestant Reformation. Liberty as we know it did not come from the Hindu caste system. Equality as we know it did not come from the Islamic view of women or their treatment of non-Muslims. Liberty did not come from Rome, nor even from Greece. Greek democracy was largely a failure, for it was unsustainable among sinful men.

Virtually everyone wants liberty, but they think that it can come from their own religions. They want to come to America and enjoy that which has been bestowed on this land through the Bible, but by bringing their other religions into the country, they undermine the very freedoms that bring them here.

Muslims, for example, want to escape the violence of the Muslim nations, but they also want to bring their oppressive sharia law to America! If they were to succeed, it would not be long before feminists would be executed, and anyone contradicting their prophet would be beheaded for “blasphemy.”

If America were transformed into a Hindu nation, we would end up with a caste system where “untouchables” are doomed to pay their karma with no intervention to better their lives. True biblical love toward them would be unknown, because to care for such people would be to do them a disservice in regard to their next life. Hindu philosophy is why India did not produce the principles of liberty itself. India got such concepts of liberty from the Protestant Christian missionaries while under British rule in past centuries. (Liberty was given to them with very little help from the British government itself.)

Liberty as we know it came from the Scriptures, and as fewer and fewer people read and understand the law of God, we lose those liberties. In the progression of Socialism and Darwinian materialism, we have eroded the foundations of liberty. As new slave masters have arisen, they have used psychological tricks to simulate liberty and to convince their slaves that they are actually free. The secret government of Mystery Babylon has sought to rule by secrecy and to convince slaves that they are actually free. It is the worst form of deception and lying.

This was probably clearest in so-called “Communist” countries, where whole nations were enslaved in the name of freedom.

What few seem to understand is that there has never been a Communist nation. They are all Socialist nations. Only the ruling party’s name has been “Communist.” The foundation of biblical Liberty is for the government to recognize and secure one’s right to have dominion over what one has labored to produce. The foundation of Socialism is for the government to steal from those who have labored and to give a small portion of it to the poor in exchange for their votes. Self interest, combined with ignorance of God’s law, causes men to destroy the foundations of liberty established in America.

The majority of Christians, having put away the law of God, are prisoners of war in this battle for liberty. During the Pentecostal Age, foreshadowed by the reign of King Saul, the church as a whole has been in a state of rebellion—usually without realizing it, because they were forbidden to read the Scriptures for so many centuries. The Protestant Reformation reversed this and brought fresh air to the people. However, the past century of Mystery Babylonian rule has all but destroyed real freedom. We have tasted the fruit of lawlessness (anomia), and it is bitter.

Immigration in the Kingdom

When immigrants come to America without learning the difference between Socialism and Americanism, it is not long before the problems that they are escaping are brought to America. I am not anti-immigrant, but I do not believe that immigration is a natural right. God put conditions on entry into the New Jerusalem, even to the point of building a wall around it to keep out the unbelievers and lawless ones (Revelation 21:10, 11, 12).

Who, then, has the right to immigrate to the New Jerusalem? Revelation 22:14, 15 says,

14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city. 15 Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.

Just as baptism (washing robes) signifies citizenship in the Kingdom, being reborn as a new creature in Christ, so also citizenship in the New Jerusalem will require a heart change and a baptismal ceremony. Baptism will be the citizenship oath in the Kingdom.

I realize that America in its present state is not the Kingdom of God—at least not yet. We have been in a quasi-Kingdom since our beginnings, because we were yet in the overall reign of King Saul, rather than David. America has never made faith in Christ a requirement for citizenship. There were already too many non-Christians here at the time our nation was founded.

Many others were believers but had followed the pattern of the Israelites in demanding a man to reign over them (1 Samuel 8:7). The religious systems of Rome and even Protestant denominations show how Christians have had difficulty comprehending and adopting the biblical requirements of true liberty. For early America to try to exclude Roman Catholics for following popes rather than Jesus Christ would not have been feasible. Too many of them were already here and had to be included as American citizens.

To be truly the Kingdom of God would require many changes and upgrades from America’s founding. This will not happen under the present circumstances. In the Kingdom, there will be “sons of the kingdom” who will be cast out into “outer darkness” (as opposed to being in the Kingdom of light). There will also be foreigners flowing into the Kingdom, based upon their faith in Jesus Christ. This is the requirement for citizenship and immigration in the Kingdom of God, and it is understood that they must also learn the laws of God and adopt a Kingdom way of life (Isaiah 2:3).

The law of God maintains that there is to be “one law” for all who are in the Kingdom (Numbers 15:16). There is only one standard of right and wrong, sin and righteousness. The law of God defines the character of God, which is our own standard of measure as well. Anyone who disagrees will be free to live in whatever other country he may find to his liking. If he refuses to leave, he will be expelled or will be prosecuted for violating the law.

Hence, the standard for the Kingdom of God, which we advocate, is the Bible itself—the law, the prophets, and the apostles. This is the law of Christ. It has laws governing immigration. These laws ensure that the Kingdom of God will not be subverted by the carnal minds of men who seek to establish their own understanding of right and wrong. All true believers will be welcome, because the immigration officials will not be as the scribes and Pharisees who kept worthy people from entering the Kingdom (Matthew 23:13).

The Kingdom principle of immigration, then, welcomes all true believers, but does not allow non-believers to enter, as they would begin to subvert the Kingdom with their leaven.

The Ultimatum

Benjamin Fulford’s latest blog (October 29) says this:

It is going to be an especially haunting Halloween for the Khazarian mafia banking elite, because they have been given an October 31 deadline to return the gold they stole or face being systematically hunted down and exterminated, say Asian secret society, CIA, and White Dragon Society sources.  After that deadline, bounties of gold will be placed on senior bankers starting with the heads of the EU Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve Board, and the BIS, the sources say.

The White Dragon Society (WDS) has offered the Khazarian mafia a way out of this situation.  All they have to do is monetize, in a constructive and reality-based manner, $40 trillion worth of 1934 Henry Morgenthau Bonds to finance the establishment of a meritocratic future planning agency.  This would be enough to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and finance human expansion into the universe.  The alternative is death for all the Khazarian gangsters involved in central bank fraud and Babylonian debt slavery.

If his information is correct, then it is clear that the Babylonian rulers who are refusing to capitulate are about to be hunted down and assassinated! I am not advocating such extreme measures but am an observer on the sidelines. Most employees of the Babylonian system are good people trapped in a bad system, and they will gladly work for the new system that is coming. When Cyrus took Babylon in 537 B.C., history shows that he retained the government officials and allowed the priests to continue their religious practices. However, King Belshazzar was executed (Daniel 5:30). Fulford is suggesting a similar pattern today in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon.

In recent years Fulford has also adopted some biblical terminology: “Babylonian debt slavery.” He and others also talk about a “debt-Jubilee.” While their understanding of the biblical Jubilee is limited, it is clear that we are making progress. We have advocated a Jubilee for decades when no economist had ever heard the term. Perhaps my book, Creation’s Jubilee, is having at least an indirect impact on secular economics.

We will probably never know if or how our ministry’s teaching on the Jubilee has played a role in mainstream politics and economics. Yet my intent was to inject the idea of the Jubilee into the mainstream jargon, so that people would understand that the debts incurred under Mystery Babylon have been unpayable. Many economists now admit this and advocate a Jubilee.

In other words, what we have known and taught for decades is now starting to make economic sense in the secular world.

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