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Enlightened Black Americans and Trump

Nov 03, 2018

I find it interesting that Trump was never accused of being a racist until he announced that he was running for office. Prior to that time, he was honored by the black leadership for helping inner city black youths. His actions were not politically motivated, because this was long before he ran for president.



There are many black people who support Trump, because they know this in spite of the accusations from Democrats and negative press reports.


There are also black youtubers who are avid Trump supporters. Most people by now have heard that Kanye West is one of President Trump’s friends.


Although his rant shocked the liberals, it also opened up the eyes of many in the black community. Here is a youtube from a black American who goes by the moniker: “Black Conservative Patriot.”


Here, Donald Trump, Jr. speaks at the Young Black Leadership Summit the day before 400 black conservatives go to the White House to meet with President Trump. It is doubtful if any of them believe that Trump is a racist. At the White House, Trump speaks to them in a personal way, and his words are very impressive. This is a series of video clips giving you an impressive array of awakened speakers.


A black woman named Candace Owens has been called a White Supremicist, which is quite strange and yet a common charge by Democrats. They seem frightened at the thought that a black woman would be a Trump supporter. Her story is very interesting, especially because she says essentially that she believes in the sovereignty of God. I hope eventually she runs for president. She is truly astonishing!


All of these and many more are destroying the narrative of the left-stream media. They also show that the solution is to speak truth, not to try to force someone into believing something. Truth has a power like nothing else.

There are many other examples and stories to be told, but this is sufficient for now to show the way in which black Americans are being set free from “the plantation,” as they put it.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones