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Draining the Broward County swamp

Nov 13, 2018


Did you know that since 1982, the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud, because of a legal agreement called the Consent Decree the GOP made with the Democrat Party?

Finally, 36 years later, a judge has ended the agreement, freeing the Republican Party to ensure electoral integrity by investigating and pursuing suspected vote fraud.

In 1982 the courts determined that the Republican Party had sent people to the voting booths to intimidate voters—presumably, to prevent unqualified people from voting. The court ruled that the Party was guilty of intimidation and ruled that the Republican Party lost the right to contest elections if they suspected vote fraud.

This was called the Consent Decree. The result was that only the Democratic Party was allowed to contest vote fraud for the past 36 years. Leave it to the judges to make a bad situation worse. This ended just before the midterm election this month, and this is now why Republicans now can challenge vote fraud in Broward County and in other places around the country.

During the past 36 years, the Democratic Party in Broward County and other strongholds has taken full advantage of the Consent Decree. It appears that they have been operating more like the mob than a political party. Or perhaps the mob was pretending to be a political party.

In 2017 a Federal Prosecutor named Beranton J. Wisenant, Jr. was shot in the head while investigating Broward County voter fraud. His body was found washed up on the beach.


Two other deputies died under suspicious circumstances after questioning the politicization of the Parkland shooting last February. It seems to be dangerous for anyone to investigate crime in Broward County if it has anything to do with the Democratic Party.

After the midterm election, “provisional ballot boxes” were discovered in the back of an Avis rental car at the Fort Lauderdale airport.


Other reports speak of trucks being loaded with unknown materials from the building where they were counting and manufacturing votes, with guards preventing anyone from filming or knowing what was going on.

I think it is safe to say that the FBI will soon be investigating this.

On November 11, 2018 in Post 2479, Q writes,

1-Election plus D party officials filled out many thousands of blank ballots?
2-Election plus D party officials removed and destroyed ‘legal’ ballots?
3-Election plus D party officials deliberately organized non-citizen voting?
4-Election plus D party officials in [XX] locations across the US [under lock & key] stored many thousands of ‘blank’ ballots for purposes of “altering the vote total”?
Who safeguards ‘blank’ ballots?
Who issues ‘blank’ ballots?
Who controls ‘blank’ ballots?
How many ‘blank’ ballots are generated vs. total county pop?
Why did the same counties [under dispute today] REFUSE to turn over voter registration information upon request to the Voter Fraud Commission?
Why was the Voter Fraud Commission disbanded and turned over to DHS? [DHS is Department of Homeland Security]
What vested auth does DHS have compared to a commission body?

In his usual line of questioning, Q informs us as much as he asks questions. Only a certain number of ballots were given to each county, based on the number of voters living there. Blank ballots are supposed to be guarded “under lock and key” in order to prevent vote fraud. Given the Affidavit filled out by an employee where they were counting ballots, saying that she witnessed people in a locked room madly filling out ballots (which I posted a few days ago), it is not likely that this will remain uninvestigated.


 The Voter Fraud Commission was disbanded last January by an Executive Order from President Trump. The reason given was because no one took it seriously, and when it requested information, the counties simply ignored it. So Trump gave their investigative authority to the Department of Homeland Security.

Here is a CBS news article from last January explaining this Executive Order:


The president's controversial "voter fraud" commission has been disbanded, the White House announced Wednesday evening. 

"Despite substantial evidence of voter fraud, many states have refused to provide the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity with basic information relevant to its inquiry," Mr. Trump said in a statement released by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. "Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today I signed an executive order to dissolve the Commission, and have asked the Department of Homeland Security to review these issues and determine next courses of action."

It appears that this Executive Order was anticipating the current voter fraud case in Broward County and in other Democratic Party strongholds in cities around the country. What are the odds of Trump issuing this EO and then the court ruling that the Republican Party is now allowed to challenge vote fraud after 36 years?

The pattern suggests that there is some careful planning behind all of this. The stage was set ahead of time, and Broward County in particularly seems to have been a sting operation to catch the Party in a major fraud case.

This comes within the context of the so-called “Russian interference in our elections” in 2016. The Democratic Party has pushed this narrative for the past two years, driving emotions to a fever pitch on this issue. Now suddenly the tables are turned, and the spotlight is now focused on the Democratic Party for its own “interference in our elections.”

What are the odds of that?

Did the white hats in the Intelligence community deliberately allow the Democratic Party to commit voter fraud as a sting operation? Many people believe so. Certainly, the election crimes going on in Broward County have been well known to the Intelligence operatives. But because of political considerations, they had to wait for the public to demand an investigation. And to stimulate such a demand, they had to wait for it to happen and then expose it to the public.

I hope that is what happened, because that would also indicate that Homeland Security will be draining the Broward County swamp shortly.

Perhaps Cook County (Chicago) will be next. I remember how thousands of dead people voted in Chicago when I was still in high school (1960’s). Perhaps we are about to see some fireworks.

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