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The Social Media War continues

Oct 25, 2018

Economists tell us that a stock market crash usually starts with a lot of volatility as the bulls and bears exchange punches. We have been seeing unusual volatility in the past two weeks but especially in the past two days.

On Tuesday, the Dow dropped more than 500 points only to recover nearly all of its losses by the end of the day. Then the next day (yesterday) the Dow dropped 600 points. The NASDAQ did even worse (dropping more than 4%). Most significant, I think, is the fact that the Plunge Protection Team did nothing about it this time.

The Working Group on Financial Markets, commonly known as the Plunge Protection Team, was set up by President Reagan by Executive Order #12631 on March 18, 1988 a few months after the stock crash of 1987.


It was designed to control the markets so that we would not have any more unexpected stock crashes. From then on, every recession has been engineered deliberately.

We have not had a free market economy for decades. Virtually everything is carefully controlled so that recessions happen when the bankers want to foreclose on property, as they do on a regular basis. It is rigged in favor of the banks and at the expense of the people.

We see this clearly in the past two days, where the PPT brought the market back from the dead on Tuesday but did nothing about it the next day.

I find it interesting that the tech and media stocks were most affected.


Just days after the tech industry hit a fresh bull-market high last week and Amazon joined Apple in the elite club of U.S. publicly traded stocks to achieve a market value of $1 trillion, tech stocks are in free fall. The slide coincides with executives of Facebook and Twitter testifying before a Senate panel Wednesday on the topic of foreign interference. This week alone, shares of Twitter have slid more than 12 percent and Facebook has fallen 7.5 percent.

These corporations are at the heart of the Deep State’s Social Media War against President Trump, and they have been censoring and banning conservatives from expressing their viewpoints using China as their model. In recent years, while most of the stocks have languished, the so-called FANG stocks of the Social Media (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) have boomed, making it look like the markets are doing very well.

However, it appears that this is coming to an end, and this could mean that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, who was hired because he had been the chief silver rigger at JP Morgan, is now being instructed to pull the FANGs from the market. In other words, this market plunge could well be part of the Social Media War which we fought back in April—216 days ago.


The Social Media War (Battle of Jericho): April 1-6, 2018

Recall that after our Passover conference at Peru, Indiana (March 30 to April 1), we found ourselves in spiritual warfare during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (April 1-6).


This was followed by a Battle of Ai on April 13-16. It appears that we are heading for a 216-day cycle where we will see reflections or results of these battles in November.

Election Day, November 6, is the start of the new Prophetic Year. The next day, November 7, is the 216th day from April 6, the end of that Social Media War. I wrote about these battles of Jericho and Ai back on April 10:

Recall that from March 31 to April 6, we saw the Battle of Jericho play out prophetically in the Social Media battleground. The next battle, of course, is the Battle of Ai (Joshua 7). At our recent Passover conference, we anticipated this battle, and so we took steps to prevent a repeat disaster seen in Joshua 7. We repented ahead of time on behalf of any who would follow the example of Achan in Joshua 7:12021.


The 216-day cycles from these battles are as follows:

April 1-6 plus 216 days (inclusive) is November 2-7.
April 13-16 plus 216 days (inclusive) is November 14-17.

These, then, are near-term watch dates for the first half of November. The financial war against the FANGs appear to be the main theme to watch. We may already be seeing signs of the collapse of the Wall (Street) of Jericho. And the fact that this appears to be linked by the 216-day cycle to the Midterm elections makes it all the more interesting.

Censorship at Apple and Facebook

Tim Cook began taking us down the road of Chinese-style censorship as early as 2015.


He was the spearhead who censored Alex Jones of Infowars.

Alex Jones has blasted Apple CEO Tim Cook for spearheading Big Tech’s ban of Infowars, calling Cook a hypocrite who is trying to bring Communist Chinese-style Internet censorship to America.

Last week, it was reported that Tim Cook personally made the call to ban the Infowars podcast. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg then immediately followed suit after learning of Cook’s decision.


I am not really a fan of Alex Jones, but I will defend his right to speak his opinion. If we allow Apple to censor him, it will not be long before Tim Cook will censor all conservatives in an ever-widening circle. In fact, that is what has been happening. I wonder if perhaps their censorship has cost them a lot of money and if perhaps this is one reason why their stock prices are going down.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by Senator Ted Cruz recently about its censorship policies.

Cruz asked Zuckerberg whether Facebook was engaged in political speech, citing examples of conservative-leaning pages he said had been shut down, such as Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and posts from a Fox News reporter. He also asked about the political leanings of Facebook employees and whether he had ever fired anyone for their political views.

Zuckerberg answered that he understood where the concern was coming from, because Silicon Valey is “an extremely left-leaning place,” but said it’s his company’s job to make sure Facebook doesn’t have any bias in the work it does.

“What I can say is I’m very committed to making sure Facebook is a platform for all ideas,” Zuckerberg said. “That is a very important founding principle of what I do.”


That, of course, was clearly a very big lie, as there are now thousands of conservative voices that have been banned, censored, or otherwise mistreated. Twitter has done the same, as has U-Tube. We really need to pass the Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR).

Weaponizing the Media and Christian Missionaries

Their censorship is now spawning competition as alternative social media platforms are being developed for conservatives. Their short-sighted policies are hardly different from the US government’s weaponization of the dollar through its policy of sanctions. While it has worked in the short-term to bring down the economies of other countries such as Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, it has also caused those countries to stop using the dollar and to develop an alternative to the SWIFT system.

The Social Media’s FANGs are being extracted now for the same reason as the dollar is heading toward a collapse as the world reserve currency.

Other examples of such short-sighted policies include the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, which weaponized the news media in the 1960’s, and the CIA’s use of missionaries and pastors to spy for them.


By inserting themselves into the media and missionary movements, they received some short-term intelligence benefits, but in the long-term, the CIA has polluted everything it has touched. Weaponizing the media and the missionaries ultimately discredits and destroys their integrity. That is why we have a Fakestream Media today, and this may also be why Pastor Brunson was in a Turkish prison for the past few years.

At any rate, the CIA’s policy could not be hidden from the intelligence agencies of other nations. Hence, this makes them suspicious of all journalists and all missionaries or pastors who travel abroad. Such suspicion is understandable. I don’t like it because the CIA’s weaponization policy might affect me as well. So I want to put on the public record that I object to the CIA’s policies and absolutely will not help them spy on anyone. I love my country, but I have no loyalty to the Deep State which has enslaved all of us for the past century. The Deep State is not America, even if it tries to impersonate Uncle Sam.

It appears, though, that we may soon begin to see results from the prayer battles last April. The 216-day cycles were very important last month, and it appears that they may come back to the forefront in November as well.

Time will tell. Be watchful.

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