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The Michael and Mary signs, part 1

Oct 17, 2018

We returned home last evening after being gone for a full week. I am still assessing the results of this eastern trip. I heard very little news while on the trip, and I did not go online at all. I tried to pick up some news on the road from the radio.

Now that Hurricane Michael has come and gone, leaving quite a bit of devastation in its wake, we can look back and see how this played into the big prophetic picture. Of course, keep in mind that the actual devastation on the ground, which has affected the lives of so many, is really a separate issue.

Many must deal with the loss of life and property, and we certainly should pray for them and assist them in any way possible. But reporting such events are the responsibility of the news media. My responsibility is to report things from a different perspective, giving meaning to earthly events from a prophetic understanding.

Hurricane Michael should not be understood to mean that the Archangel Michael devastated the people affected by the hurricane. We should view it as evidence of a great battle in the heavens between Michael and “the great dragon… who is called the devil and Satan” (Revelation 12:9). In this case, it appears that Pan was specifically being targeted. For this reason, Panama City was affected.

Pan is Azazel in Leviticus 16:8, 10, often translated “scapegoat.” The Book of Enoch shows Azazel to be the leader of the so-called “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4, who are referenced in Jude 6 as “the angels who did not keep their own domain.” Azazel was pictured as half man, half goat, a hybrid faun that was meant to depict two natures (physical and spiritual). The Greeks called him Pan, and his home was at the Grotto of Pan in Caesarea Philippi (the ancient city of Dan).

On the Day of Atonement each year, one goat was given to Yahweh, and the other to Azazel (Leviticus 16:8, 10). The first was killed, and its blood sprinkled on the mercy seat. The second was sent into the wilderness “for Azazel,” a ritual whose meaning was probably unknown until Jesus fulfilled the Day of Atonement.

I believe that Jesus was baptized at the moment the high priest in the temple in Jerusalem was killing the first goat. Then as the priest sent the second goat “into the wilderness by the hand of a man who stands in readiness” (Leviticus 16:21), Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 4:1; Luke 4:1, 2). He was thus sent to be “tempted by the devil.” We see, then, that Jesus was sent to the wilderness “for Azazel.”

The purpose was for “temptation,” not that He would be owned by the devil. If Jesus had failed the test, and if He had sinned, then the devil would have been given authority over Him. But the devil found nothing in Him by which He could be accused. The devil’s calling is to accuse the brethren (Revelation 12:10), for the word devil means “accuser.” The term Satan means “adversary,” which reveals his calling as the Prosecutor or Adversary in the divine court.

But without sin, the Adversary has no lawful case against a man and can therefore gain no authority over him.

In the prophecy of Revelation 12, Michael overthrows the devil and casts him to the earth, where the overcomers defeat him as well (Revelation 12:11). So in the past year we have noticed an unusual pattern in deliverance ministry. Spiritual princes and archprinces, which we have sent to the feet of Jesus for judgment have been cast out of heaven and sent back to the earth in order to allow us to overcome them and then bring judgment upon them!

After many months, we finally connected this phenomenon to Revelation 12:10, 11 and realized what was happening. This understanding put Revelation 12 on our radar, so when Hurricane Michael raced ashore from the Gulf of Mexico last week, were saw it as a continuation of the theme from Revelation 12.

In fact, this entire theme really originated in the birth of Jupiter in Virgo that occurred on September 23, 2017 in the wake of Hurricane Maria (Mary) that struck Puerto Rico three days earlier.




One cannot blame the real Virgin Mary for this hurricane any more than one can blame the Archangel Michael for Hurricane Michael last week. Neither can one blame Mary or Michael for misusing them. Mary herself deferred to Jesus (John 2:5), whereas many today pray to Mary, hoping that Jesus will defer to His mother.

Many occultists lay claim to Michael as well, as if Michael will do their bidding as a genie from a bottle. Gnostics also claim John as their patron saint, when in reality, John wrote against Gnosticism. By claiming John, they hope to control his message and blind people to John’s actual message.

Such misuse of the biblical saints (and their messages) ultimately leads to spiritual conflict. In the present case, Michael has declared war on those who falsely claim authority over him. Pan, for instance, is the biblical Azazel that presents a counterfeit message of the feast of Tabernacles. Essentially, he competes with the overcomers for the title “son(s) of God.” But he was unable to usurp authority over the Son of God, and during the time of the church in the wilderness, he is again unsuccessful gaining authority over the overcomers who are the “sons of God.”

On the other hand, the pattern under Moses shows that the church in the wilderness as a whole fails virtually every test. Jesus succeeded where Israel failed, but Caleb and Joshua (overcomers) are part of the success story. So also since the day of Pentecost, the Pentecostal church in the wilderness has failed, but the overcomers among them have followed in the footsteps of Caleb and Joshua.

In the past year we have come to the point where we are seeing Revelation 12 fulfilled. The heavenly event on September 23, 2017 seems to have started this prophetic pattern, and it has continued to this day. It is difficult to know how long this prophetic phase will continue, but Hurricane Michael was a significant prophetic sign.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones