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The continuing crisis in the Roman church

Oct 02, 2018

The pedophilia crisis in the Roman church (and other churches as well) is not being resolved. It is only getting worse. I would be surprised if Pope Francis actually resolves this, because the only resolution is repentance, and the church has been very reluctant to repent. Popes normally blame “individuals” within the church, but they feel like they cannot place blame on the church itself without admitting that it is fallible and corrupt.

However, Catholics themselves are increasingly disturbed about the many reports of pedophilia, and this is now coming to a head.



A Legal and Moral Declaration and Pledge of Non-Cooperation issued by Concerned Roman Catholic Clergy

Issued on Sunday, September 23, 2018

We are a group of clergy within the Roman Catholic Church who in good conscience are unable to associate any longer with the criminal, anti-Christian actions of the Vatican and the Papacy. We refer to the massive cover up of violent crimes against children now being perpetrated as a matter of policy by the church hierarchy: crimes in which every Catholic is expected to collude.

The growing exposure in the world media of a massive network in our church of child trafficking, rape, torture and murder, and the direct implication of the Pope and senior Cardinals and Bishops in this network, compels every one of us to make a choice. For by our daily association with the Church of Rome we are accomplices in its crimes, under both the laws of God and Man. No Papal statute or command can justify or absolve such a criminal and sinful association. Whether Pope or Priest, we must all face and answer to God for our actions, or our inaction. And we must also answer to the Law....

The Roman church is facing a new “Protestant” movement, where Catholics themselves are protesting church corruption. Such protests undermine the idea that the popes are infallible and are immune from prosecution from God and His Law.

This new Protestant movement again is based on the belief that Catholics have the right to disagree with the Pope and Vatican policy—and to force the Pope to submit to the will of God as demanded by the people. This goes against all tradition, which has demanded that the people submit to the popes. It was not for the people to decide what was right or wrong, but to submit blindly to the church as an institution.

This was the chief characteristic of the spirit of King Saul, which has dominated the church age until now. It is the denominational spirit, brought about when men demanded to be ruled by men, rather than by God (1 Samuel 8:7). But this is fast changing, and it appears that Catholics themselves are finally waking up to the truth that leaders (including popes) are stewards, not owners of God’s throne.

Israel set the prophetic precedent long ago in the days of Samuel, and so the church too has had to fulfill the same pattern, not for just 40 years of Saul’s reign, but 40 Jubilee cycles of the reign of the church. By not understanding the prophetic pattern of Saul’s reign, most Christians have been blinded to this problem.

The first Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s drew attention to this, but now we are seeing Part 2 play out in the world. This time around we will see a greater Protestant Reformation, because we completed the 40 Jubilees of Saul’s reign in 1993. The year 1993 began to transfer authority from the church to the overcomers, and from Pentecost to Tabernacles. It has taken 25 years, only because the beast systems did not complete their time of rule until 2017. God’s intent was to take them all down at the same time in order to set the earth free from its slavery to corruption.

Another indicator is seen in the news from Poland, the staunchest Catholic country in Europe. In spite of the government’s attempt to support the Vatican at all costs, the people themselves are protesting at the box office.


(Bloomberg) -- A Polish feature film about the abuses by clergy of the Roman Catholic church is setting attendance records at the country’s box office.

‘Kler’ -- named after the Polish word for clergy -- attracted over 935,000 viewers last weekend, the country’s best opening three days in 30 years, according to the Association of Polish Filmmakers. The movie, which explores the themes of child abuse, romantic liaisons, corruption, greed and alcoholism by clerics, has been harshly criticized by Poland’s conservative government with close links to the church.

We look forward to the day when the house of Saul will see the light and will submit to the house of David. That way, we may all be blessed in the Kingdom.

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