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Oct 20, 2018


In a fiery exchange at a Washington, D.C. courtroom, a federal judge excoriated career State Department officials of lying and signing "clearly false" affidavits to protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from scrutiny over her private email server and Benghazi consulate scandals.

Here is an example of political hypocrisy, or how to hide your real views until after the election:


Who is paying the people of Honduras to come to America in the so-called “caravan”? Watch the man pass out money here:


The voting temperature is near the boiling point this election, and those who are willing to engage in violence are probably those who are afraid that their side will lose.


Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Wednesday slammed the “radical left” after a restaurant owner who recently hosted a campaign event for her reported being targeted by harassing messages and threats.

“The radical Left is out of control, and their angry mob is right here in Tennessee,” tweeted Mrs. Blackburn, who is running for U.S. Senate. “Tom, we appreciate your opening your restaurant up to us, and we hope you are treated with the same respect as you treat your customers.”

Senator Rand Paul was attacked by a Democrat while he was mowing his lawn.


Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, Democratic Party activists have not yet murdered any Republican politicians. Steve Scalise is still alive, and the Democratic Party press is trying hard to make us forget rabid Democrat James Hodgkinson. But the Democrats’ hysteria over the Supreme Court–which actually has little to do with moderate nominee Brett Kavanaugh–has suffused Washington, D.C. with threats of violence.

Apparently, the Democratic Party is not as democratic at it claims to be. They are democratic only if they know they can win votes. When they are in danger of losing, they turn violent.

But it seems to me that they are poking the lion. The liberal Democrats as a whole have given up their weapons. The Republicans, who comprise most of rural America, are armed to the teeth. If a civil war were to break out, who do you think would win? Democrats had better hope that the Republicans are not easily provoked.

I don’t think it will come to that, of course. Most Republicans are more law-abiding than Democrats. So when Obama was elected president, Republicans grumbled over his eligibility and other things, but they did not resort to violent behavior. The Democrats are now acting as if violence against Republicans is one of their human rights.

In other news items, Dustin Nemos interviews Robert David Steele in a very informative video. It is 70 minutes long, but I recommend listening to at least the first part of it which covers the topic of the Khashoggi murder in Turkey. If you are able to listen to all of it, you will find it very informative and insightful.


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