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Juanita Broaddrick’s story

Oct 08, 2018

Juanita Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 while he was Attorney General of Arkansas. She remembers every detail, she says, and she had evidence. The problem was that Clinton also had his own police department (separate from the Arkansas State Police), and they answered only to him. (I have a friend who was nearly killed by Clinton’s mob squad.) Clinton also could have destroyed Juanita’s business, if she had told her story at the time.


Of special interest is Hillary Clinton’s statement at the time that a woman claiming rape should be believed until evidence disproves it. But Juanita was ruthlessly attacked by the mainstream press—while Dr. Christine Ford was treated with great respect and was assumed to be speaking the truth. Was Hillary’s guideline followed in the case of Dr. Christine Ford? How many of Hillary’s followers will take her advice today?

Not only was Hillary Clinton’s mentor (Saul Alinsky) a rabid Communist, her special friend, Senator Robert Byrd was a long-time member of the KKK. That sounds like a strange combination, but the far left and far right are both advocates of totalitarianism. The only difference of opinion is how to get there.


The ink is barely dry on the Kavanaugh confirmation, and Democrats are already talking about impeaching Kavanaugh! Of course, this will not happen, because (1) there is no actual evidence of wrongdoing, as seen in Ford’s testimony, and (2) if they try play partisan politics, they should realize that to impeach a Supreme Court Justice would require a 2/3 vote in the Senate. Democrats only got 48 votes in the recent confirmation vote.

Years ago, we had to accept the Supreme Court’s verdict on abortion and had to accept many other immoral and unconstitutional decisions since that time. Most people opposed these things in a lawful manner as allowed by the constitution. But now the Democratic Party is not reciprocating, as they do not want to accept the verdicts of the majority that were determined by a democratic process.

This is not just partisan politics. This is a historic takedown of the Deep State, which the Bible calls Mystery Babylon. At stake is whether or not we will be set free from the power of Mystery Babylon and its satanic culture, laws, and wars. Trump has managed to break the power of the Deep State over most of the Republican Party, although some are still controlled by them.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of liberation has been in Senator Lindsey Graham, who used to be dominated by Senator John McCain and his constant threats of war around the world. Q implied on April 30 that Graham had been set free from McCain’s blackmail and that he was now going to fight against the Deep State.

In Post #1305 on April 30, 2018, Q said:

No Name out. [John McCain]



We love good singers. [Lindsey Graham was testifying against McCain.]

That has proven to be true in the past month. Now that Senator John McCain (“No Name”) was executed, Lindsey Graham has been like a new man enjoying his newly-found freedom from blackmail prison.

We still have a long way to go to get to the Kingdom of God, but the great disruption has begun. Or as Q puts it, “You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.” (Post #2295, dated September 28, 2018)


Q says to expect the narrative to shift to Russia, as the Deep State tries a desperate “Hail Mary” play to start a war with Russia. This could be serious, of course, since there are many Deep State employees who hold top positions in the military and other parts of the government. The CIA has decades of experience running false flag operations which give an excuse to start wars.

So it appears that this will be Trump’s biggest challenge in the months ahead. Pray for peace.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones