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The nation’s top voting machine maker admits rigging

Oct 03, 2018

Q has been promising to enforce the integrity of the coming Midterm election. Perhaps this exposure is evidence of this. Certainly, they would hardly admit rigging the system without also promising not to do it again. Otherwise, someone high up could be sent to prison forever.

This rigging was probably the reason why most people thought Hillary would win in 2016. They did not know that Trump's backers already knew this and had taken steps to stop the rigging. That changed everything!


The nation's top voting machine maker has admitted in a letter to a federal lawmaker that the company installed remote-access software on election-management systems it sold over a period of six years, raising questions about the security of those systems and the integrity of elections that were conducted with them.

In a letter sent to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) in April and obtained recently by Motherboard, Election Systems and Software acknowledged that it had "provided pcAnywhere remote connection software … to a small number of customers between 2000 and 2006," which was installed on the election-management system ES&S sold them.


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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones