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Going out of town, and a word about Washington

Oct 26, 2018

We are leaving town today to visit our first great-granddaughter in Arkansas. As usual, our boys will take care of the house and office work. We should be back in about a week.

There is always a lot going on in the world that should be watched so that we can keep up with the progression of the Kingdom. However, many of the events require some commentary to put into the proper context of understanding. It seems that there is always more going on than I have time to write about.

Q’s last posting (#2381) came on October 9, and he has been silent since then. In that post, he talked mostly about cleaning up the FBI and DOJ and how this had to be done before the thousands of sealed indictments could be unsealed to begin the prosecutions for “illegal treasonous acts.” Some are impatient with the slow pace of draining the swamp.

In part, this is what he wrote (#2381):

How can you make arrests [non military] prior to first fully cleaning out corrupt elements [at the top] of those departments [FBI][DOJ] that oversee ‘investigation & prosecution’ in the United States [they [themselves] are the very ones engaged in the illegal treasonous acts]?


Since Q stopped posting for a couple of weeks, this final post has drawn attention to the post number itself, because curious people ask why. Someone finally looked up the number 2381 and discovered that in the legal system, the number 2381 is the code for Treason.


It is not precisely clear what that connection means, but it safe to say that soon there will be people prosecuted for treason. Q has also said often, “Those who scream the loudest” are the ones most guilty and fearful of being tried for their crimes. You can hear their screams in the news media. They know what is coming, and it frightens them to death.

It does not seem likely that this judicial process will begin prior to the midterm elections. But after November 6 we could see some serious housecleaning in Washington DC.

By the way, our nation’s capital was built on a swamp that had to be drained in order to build the city in the 1790’s. That is why President Trump uses the metaphor of draining the swamp. Washington DC was literally a swamp in past centuries. L’Enfant, the architect, laid out the streets in the form of a Pentagram to show that it was ruled by Baphomet, the god of Freemasonry. And the White House sits on the “mouth” of Baphomet to show that presidents are the mouthpieces of Baphomet.

All of that is changing now. There is a close connection between Freemasonry and the Deep State. In fact, Freemasonry is also the Gnostic branch of the Vatican, representing the Luciferian faction within the church. The two main branches of the Roman church are fighting over which Mary will be worshiped: The Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, or Mary Magdalene, the so-called “wife of Jesus.” Most Roman Catholics are unaware of this battle going on behind the scenes within their own church, but it is very real nonetheless.

The point is that Washington DC was designed by a Catholic Freemason named L’Enfant to enthrone Baphomet in America. That is the ultimate swamp that must be drained.

Our victory was assured on June 23, 2004 when I encountered Baphomet and cast him out of Lori in a deliverance session. She was delivered and healed of many ailments including color blindness and deafness in one ear. She had been plagued by Baphomet since she was five years old but was delivered after 27 years of oppression.

So we have been assured of ultimate victory ever since that time, and we are now seeing this deliverance move to the next level. America itself is being delivered. President Trump’s ability to drain the swamp is only possible because of the spiritual warfare that the overcomers have done over the years.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones