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Casting down Baal and more

Oct 01, 2018

Yesterday ten of us met in Duluth, Minnesota on the slopes of Hermantown (i.e., Mount Hermon) to cast down the primary religion and the god of the Nephilim, Baal.

The Arch of Baal was first brought to America (New York City) in 2016 to influence the US elections and to try to entrench the abortion industry and baby sacrifice into the religious culture of the land. At its political convention the Democratic Party threw all of its weight behind the abortion issue, but Hillary fell on September 11, 2016, and then she lost the election in November.

Now a last-ditch attempt to keep the abortion industry going has been tried. The Arch of Baal was brought to Washington DC and set up near the nation’s capitol the day before Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing was set to begin last week. The connection is very apparent. The Democratic abortionists are fighting very hard to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, because they believe his appointment will signal the beginning of the end of mass abortion. In other words, Baal worship will be severely restricted, as baby sacrifice will no longer be protected by law.

We received revelation recently that God was allowing the Arch of Baal to be set up as a spiritual trap. The Arch was a spiritual magnet that has drawn various high-level princes and archprinces from around the world in the effort to retain freedom of Baal worship. We were instructed to wait until the last day, September 30, 2018, and then we were to take those entities captive.

Meanwhile, I had received a phone call last week from a friend in Duluth who was led to have a meeting in his house—the first of its kind. I immediately put two and two together and realized that this was the appropriate place (on the slope of Hermantown) where we were to do warfare with Baal.

In fact, I saw this as a type of Elijah’s showdown with the prophets of Baal, except that this was to be done under the double anointing of Elisha in order to complete the work that Elijah could only begin.

So from 4:30-4:40 pm (our time zone), we accomplished two objectives. First, we bound 12 entities (that I know of), including 9 archprinces and 3 princes who had come in support of the Arch of Baal. Secondly, we closed the door as part of America’s defense on the spiritual walls of the nation.

I spoke the word to bind these entities, and then Tom closed the door (breach in the wall) in Washington DC. Tom has long known that he has a calling as a watchman to the East Gate. His heritage is Norwegian and Mohawk, one of the 5 tribes in the Iroquois confederation from the Northeastern part of the country. The Mohawk tribe was specifically known as the Guardians of the Eastern Gate. Likewise, the Potomac River, where Washington DC sits, means “gathering of the tribes.” It was where the tribes gathered for treaties and to settle tribal disputes.

We were also able to inform Tom that when the Dutch negotiated to purchase Manhattan (NYC), they were able to do business because they had two sailors who were Norwegian. The language was similar enough for them to understand each other. Not many know this, but most of the place names in the New England area (mountains, rivers, etc.) are actually Viking words. The Vikings (including the Norwegians) were here at least 1500 years ago.

The point is that Tom lives in Duluth (daleth, “open door”), the farthest inland seaport from the East Coast. He had the honor of closing the door to the Arch of Baal.

Last year when we held our Tabernacles conference in nearby Cloquet, MN, our focus was upon overthrowing the so-called “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4, who produced the Nephilim (“giants”). These became the early kings in the surrounding area and who introduced Baal worship to the populations.

The modern Nephilim who are held in the highest esteem in Satanic circles, are now mostly “normal” size through intermarriage, but yet they rule the Babylonian system in the earth, which is now being replaced by the Kingdom of God. There are 13 main families who trace their bloodline back to the Nephilim, and they are represented in the ruling “Council of 13.”

Fritz Springmeier wrote about these families in 1995, saying,

“Evil powerful groups of men organized themselves to perpetuate their powerful bloodlines. This organization was known as the Brotherhood (or the Brotherhood of the Snake). The goal of the Brotherhood was to unite the world by any means and bring it under Satanic rule. The Brotherhood and its network of organizations began working throughout history to bring about this Satanic dictatorship.” (Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p. 11).

We have dealt with many archprinces and princes over the years, but Baal has been one of the oldest and most entrenched in the world. But the time has come for his domination to be broken and to end the rivers of blood that have polluted the whole earth.

Baal’s followers may continue trying to construct the Arch of Baal in cities around the world, and they may continue to perform their ceremonies to invoke their gods, but they are finished. The tide has turned. We have won.

Today is the 8th day of Tabernacles and the end of the prophetic year.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones