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Australian PM apologizes for governmental failure in sexual abuse cases

Oct 23, 2018

There is a well-known principle in politics that says, “Never apologize; never explain.” The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, broke that rule yesterday, following the biblical injunction to confess sin and repent of it—i.e., change the practice and policy.


His emotional speech delivered in Parliament before hundreds of survivors followed the conclusions of a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the nations’ highest level of inquiry.

“Today as a nation we confront our failure to listen, to believe, and to provide justice,” he said, adding: “We say sorry.”

The four-year inquest that delivered its final report in December revealed shocking evidence from more than 17,000 survivors and heard allegations against government, church and private institutions, as well as prominent individuals. It also heard evidence from leaders such as Vatican Cardinal George Pell, who is charged with committing historical sex abuses himself and was accused of failing to protect children.

Morrison said it was time for Australia to confront key questions.

America has had many days of national repentance, but I do not recall any president confessing any particular national sin, nor has official policy ever changed in the slightest. The only ones repenting have been the sincere ones who repented on behalf of those who did not.

So I suspect that this marks a turning point in world history, beginning in the great Southland of the Holy Spirit, as Australia was originally named. (Australia represents Pentecost just as New Zealand represents Passover.) I believe that this will soon spread and that it will also mark the start of a new war—a War on Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse—to be carried out in America and elsewhere.

President Trump already fired the opening shot in this war on December 21, 2017 when he issued his Executive Order allowing the government to seize the assets of human traffickers and anyone guilty of “corruption.”


Thousands of low-level human traffickers have already been arrested, but that Executive Order set the stage for what is coming when more powerful people are arrested. The problem is well entrenched in royal families, government officials, and corporate CEO’s. It is really a Babylonian problem that has only gotten worse as time has passed, because they learned to protect themselves by taking control of the judicial system and the media.

That is now changing, and I believe this is one main reason why there was such a huge fight over the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. In the guise of protecting the people from sexual abuse, Kavanaugh’s opponents were actually trying to retain control so that the human trafficking could continue unabated.

Human trafficking, of course, is not the only problem. There is also the problem of treason and sedition against President Trump, where government agencies (mostly the CIA and FBI) were first politicized and then weaponized against Candidate Trump in 2016 in order to elect Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton. That attempt failed, as we know, because Babylon’s time ran out just as a hidden group of concerned patriots in the military and in the intelligence community banded together to overthrow the Deep State.

On March 1, 2018 President Trump adjusted the procedures regarding military tribunals to prepare for tribunals in Guantanamo, effective January 1, 2019.


Ironically, President Obama, who promised to close down Guantanamo, instead spent millions of dollars upgrading the facilities at Guantanamo. Apparently, he had other plans. Here is an article from July 17, 2012, which appeared near the end of Obama’s first term.


Guantánamo Bay is currently going through a rebirth of sorts - instead of being closed down, the terrorist detention facility run by Joint Task Force (JTF) Guantánamo is getting a new look.

The announcements of a $40 million communications upgrade - including a underwater fiber optic cable that will stretch to the coast of Florida - and multi-million dollar upgrades to the grounds all but guarantee that the 45-square-mile base will stay open indefinitely.

This construction continued to the end of Obama’s presidency. An article published on December 16, 2016 speaks of this:


Though US President Barack Obama pledged to close Guantanamo Bay offshore detention centre in Cuba upon taking office, as time runs out on his administration that almost certainly will not happen

The prison's future will then be up to President-elect Donald Trump, who has said he would prefer to keep it open and even "load it up with some bad dudes" after he takes office on January 20.

Officials at the base say they have available cells and could potentially expand.

President Trump has indeed kept Guantanamo open and has continued the expansion. Whereas Obama did not keep his promise to close it, Trump is keeping his promise to “load it up with some bad dudes.”

I suspect that Obama’s backers were hoping to put patriots in prison at Guantanamo but that this plan has backfired. Haman’s gallows are being used against Haman, as I said on January 4, 2012.


In this context, the article posted yesterday shows that military tribunals have been ongoing for a long time, though most people have been unaware of this. Now that the current judge is being replaced by Col. Douglas Watkins, the news media has reported this event and has reminded us of what is going on in Guantanamo.

By the way, I received an email from a Judge Advocate General (JAG), who is a friend of mine. He wrote to me:

Doug was my Judge Advocate Basic Course classmate.  A really solid guy.  Very good pick.

That’s good to know. Anyone who is in such a position of authority should be both upright and competent. Because Trump’s Executive Order last March comes into effect on January 1, 2019, I don’t expect any mass arrests or military tribunals until 2019.

The first year of Trump’s presidency has been used to put together his cabinet and the heads of the various agencies. The second year has been used to put the judicial infrastructure in place, and in a way, the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh has been a key success in this goal. But we cannot forget the dozens of federal judges who have also been appointed. They do not often make any headlines, but that has been happening in spite of Democratic foot-dragging.


Trump entered office Jan. 20 [2017] with 105 judicial vacancies, about twice as many as Obama’s 54 openings. And more judges have left the bench over the last half year, bringing the current number of vacancies to 138.

Last week, before going on a two-week “working vacation” at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump submitted a sixth wave of judicial candidates to the Senate, this time with 10 nominees. The Senate is in recess until after Labor Day.

Although Senate Democrats can’t block Trump appointees to judgeships through the filibuster, as they can with legislation, they have the ability to slow things down.

Mystery Babylon is an occupying force that replaced the original American Republic a century ago. Now the Republic is being restored as Mystery Babylon is being exposed and dismantled. Because of the SECRET nature of Mystery Babylon, not many have understood what was going on in the past century. Some prophecy teachers even thought that America was Babylon. But America was no more Babylon than Judah was Babylon in the days of Daniel. Judah was a captive of Babylon; so also America has been captive to Mystery Babylon.

The good news is that the tide has turned. I have great confidence, not in Trump or any man but in God. God foretold the captivity and set its parameters. These “beast” empires, culminating with the Mystery Babylon phase that began with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913-1914, have now lost their divine mandate. God has passed the dominion mandate to the saints of the Most High, for the overcomers are the ones called to rule in the age to come.

Current events should be interpreted in the light of God’s word and plan. If we know the plan, then we know how to view current events, and because the transfer of authority has now taken place, we can be encouraged to know that Babylon will fail, even though it fights as hard as it can to retain power.

Knowing the plan tells us who will win. If we had been living in the time of Jeremiah, our hearts would be heavy, knowing that the divine plan was for Babylon to win (Jeremiah 27:5, 6, 7). Jeremiah told the people to submit to the “yoke” of Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 27:12). This instruction also applied to those living a century ago when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. the lawlessness in the church during the 1800’s made it necessary to enslave America to Mystery Babylon as a matter of divine justice for a full century. The Pentecostal outpouring in the early 1900’s gave the church an opportunity to restore Christ as King and to repent of their desire for a man to rule them (popes and denominational leaders).

But they did not understand the Scriptures—especially the story of King Saul—and so the Pentecostal movement denominationalized from 1909-1912, repeating the sin of the people who demanded a king in 1 Samuel 8:5, 7. So essentially God gave them another century of captivity to religious and political leaders and their traditions of men.

However, we are living in a post-captivity era that is prophesied in Jeremiah 50, 51. The overthrow of ancient Babylon is being repeated with modern Mystery Babylon. And this time, because the overcomers have been given the dominion mandate, they will restore the right of Jesus Christ to rule the people. The overcomers will be stewards of the throne, not owners of the Kingdom. This will resolve a long-standing problem, and in the next thousand years and beyond, all things will be put under the feet of Christ (1 Corinthians 15:27).


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