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Update on the Burning Man prayer campaign

Sep 19, 2018

Yesterday a friend from Minnesota came to my office to give me more information about the Burning Man prayer campaign, which we held from August 26 to September 1, 2018.

He had been renting a house to a man in Wisconsin (just across the St. Croix river that forms the boundary between Wisconsin and Minnesota). The man appeared to have some mental problems (probably spiritual, rather than mental), and he had finally been able to obtain a court order to evict him from the premises.

(Side Note: The crazy laws in this country give renters near ownership rights, making it very difficult for home owners to evict anyone, even if they stop paying their rent.)

At any rate, the renter was supposed to vacate the premises on September 1st, but on August 28 the house burned down with him in it. Since this happened during our Burning Man prayer campaign, it seems to coincide with the event that happened a year ago, in which a man ran into the fire in Nevada as the “temple” was being burned.

We understood that incident to be a self-sacrifice to Molech, so we also consider this Wisconsin event to be a repeat. Perhaps our prayer campaign prevented this from happening in Nevada itself, but as we so often see, the enemy seeks alternate targets, taking out those who are more vulnerable.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones