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Tsunami in Indonesia

Sep 29, 2018

A 7.5 Richter earthquake struck Indonesia yesterday, causing a tsunami, which swept into Palu City, Donggala, and Mumuju, sweeping away hundreds of people, perhaps thousands.


It came on September 28, the 150th day from the appointment of Emmett Flood on May 2, 2018.

As I wrote yesterday, it was the 5th day of Tabernacles and was a highly-charged prophetic day. In America the focus was upon the appointment of judges in Deuteronomy 16:18-20, which was the theme of Moses’ 5th speech. But in Indonesia the day was fulfilled in terms of the storm/flood that was the theme of the 5th sign in the book of John.

There is no doubt that this day was indeed an important and eventful watch date. These events underscore that importance of being watchful and of being led by the Spirit. I recall the big tsunami that hit the Indonesian city of Banda Ache years ago on December 26, 2004 after a 9 Richter earthquake struck the Indian Ocean. The island of Sumatra moved 100 feet, and a quarter of a million people died in the tsunami.

At that time, a group of Christians had been forbidden to celebrate Christmas in the city, so they went to the mountains to be free to celebrate. When the tsunami struck the city, they all survived, because God had led them to leave the city. Coincidence?

Perhaps we will hear more stories in the aftermath of yesterday’s tsunami.

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