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The work of Joshua-Elisha

Sep 21, 2018

If some of you found it difficult to log on to our web site yesterday to read the blog, it was because the site came under attack by about 30,000 web bots. This slowed everything down yesterday. My guess is that one of our future friends objected to our efforts to set him free from the dominion of various oppressive evil spirits.

It all worked out fine in the end, because his attack revealed that we had forgotten to put up a firewall that we intended to do earlier. Now the website is running better than ever. Thanks for the reminder. May the Angel of Perfect Love swarm you with warm fuzzies that will make your face to smile.

It is ironic, of course, that many Christians do not take seriously the spiritual work that we do, but others certainly do. I could have kept all of this private so as not to stir the pot and attract attention. I know that Satanists and witches monitor what I write, because I have heard from them in the past. But I believe that I must write about these things in order to enhance your understanding of the spiritual world that relatively few believers know anything about.

My Personal Mission

I was told by a prophet in February 1986 to “teach the whole council of God.” I have done my best to follow that injunction, even though many have said that it is unwise to do this. They say that every time we teach something new, we risk losing people. That is certainly the risk, but if I never teach anything that stretches you, how will you ever grow?

I recall reading a book in the 1970’s written to bishops by a high level churchman, who advised them not to teach any “doctrines” (i.e., Truths). He said that if you teach even one doctrine, you will divide the congregation in half. If you teach two doctrines, you will be down to one quarter of your congregation. Three doctrines will probably destroy the church or get you fired.

I am afraid that too many bishops have followed his advice, and this is why the church has so little understanding of the Scriptures. This is why preachers just give motivational speeches to make people feel happy, while leaving most of them in a state of spiritual immaturity with very little knowledge of God and almost no understanding of the divine plan.

I decided years ago that I would rather have a small ministry that made a difference in people’s lives than a mega-church that just made people feel good. In my way of thinking, when people really begin to understand the word of God, they will have a sense of peace and happiness that cannot be compared with the feel-good mindset of so many in the church.

My mindset came out of my 12-year wilderness training period (1981-1993). My time in the wilderness made me who I am to this day. My time in the wilderness was long and difficult, but when I look back on it today, I would not trade it for the world.

Wilderness Training

During my time in the wilderness, the spiritual world was opened up to me, and I became aware that the earthly dimension was not all that existed. I learned how to interact with that spiritual (heavenly) realm through intercession and spiritual warfare. I learned how the law of God was spiritual (Romans 7:14), how the laws applied beyond earthly things, and how the laws of God prophesied of things to come.

Most of my learning came through on-the-job training through personal experience. Much of it came through trial and error. I learned the seriousness of making mistakes, but at the same time I learned that God always used my errors to teach and solidify truth. For every mistake there was a positive outcome, because there is always a way to correct the situation so that all things would work out for good (Romans 8:28).

It is better to make our mistakes during our training period than to make them when we are actually in the ministry. As long as we learn from our past mistakes, we will grow and become more useful in the divine plan.

The psalms of David are full of tears and complaints about the reproaches of his enemies. They would never let him forget his past mistakes or sins. Enemies vow to “never forget,” because their purpose is to hold these things against us to the bitter end. No amount of repentance or apologies will ever satisfy them, because they are not truly motivated by love.

But fortunately, God is not like that, and He is the only One who really matters.

The Elisha-Joshua Ministry

As you know, we are now transitioning from Elijah to Elisha and from Moses to Joshua.

Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan at the same spot that Joshua had crossed many years earlier after being commissioned by Moses. The upgrade from Moses to Joshua and from Elijah to Elisha are thus linked together by the Jordan River.

Many years later, Jesus (Yeshua, or Joshua) was baptized at the same spot by John the Baptist (“Elijah”). In a way, His baptism marked the beginning of another transition from Elijah to Joshua. It is complex, because of the close relationship and interweaving of the four men.

In the end, Moses and Elijah are separate ministries under the Old Covenant, but Joshua and Elisha are one, being fulfilled together in Christ under the New Covenant.

The calling as God’s Fruit Inspector was given to John the Baptist (“Elijah”), but when he was executed, that job was passed to Jesus (Joshua). Jesus, being “Joshua,” was thus given the mantle of Elijah—but it fell to Him as a double portion of Elisha.

We are part of the body of Christ in His second work, so this same mantle is also given to all who are called to engage in His present-day ministry. The sequence of events leading toward this ministry of the second work of Christ began on April 12, 2009 with the launching of the Elisha ministry. Since that time, we have been seeing the emergence of the Elisha signs.

This has taken longer than expected, of course, but nonetheless, it is progressing according to God’s timing. (He does not seem to be in a hurry.) Right now we appear to be in the transition from the single anointing of Elijah to the double portion of Elisha. Our main focus has been upon the signs of Elisha, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that this is also a transition from Moses to Joshua.

There is a Joshua work that is being combined with the Elisha work. Whereas Moses brought Israel out of Egypt, Joshua brought Israel into the Promised Land. After Israel entered the Kingdom, they later inherited the Kingdom (Joshua 24:28). It is too soon to say how long it will take for us to enter the Kingdom (“cross the Jordan”), but this is not the same as inheriting.

In Joshua’s day, the inheritances were given to the tribes in the seventh year (their first Sabbath year). It took time to conquer the land, and even then their conquest was incomplete.

It is difficult to know how these prophetic types will be fulfilled, but we know that types are always limited and incomplete. We need to know those stories and understand that we are now fulfilling those types, but the fulfillment will also be different in many ways. We live in a time of the upgrade from type to antitype. So the question for the watchers today is how this upgrade differs from the biblical type.

Obviously, we are not going back to cross the literal Jordan River. Neither is our inheritance mere land in Palestine. Our inheritance is the glorified body, dust from the ground made holy by the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are also receiving a worldwide Kingdom, no longer localized in one small part of the world. The nations are our inheritance (Psalm 2:8).

Canaan was only a prophetic type of something much bigger. Though God claimed Canaan as His land (Leviticus 25:23), He also claims the whole earth by right of creation (Exodus 19:5).

We live in the time of the second coming of Christ. We have seen the end of the prophetic reign of Saul in 1993, as well as the end of the beast empires in 2017. We are in transition from one age to another, watching the fall of Mystery Babylon, but also seeing the progression of the Kingdom as it advances slowly to fill the whole earth.

Right now, within the context of that big picture, we are seeing the transition to Elisha-Joshua insofar as ministry work is concerned. This relates directly to the work of the two witnesses, who are called to supply oil to the Lampstand in God’s temple (Zechariah 4:11, 12, 13, 14). In other words, we have a job to do, if indeed we are part of this end-time work. Part of this work is to promote and work toward the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to shine the light of truth into the darkness of the world.

So let us all do our part as we are called and as He gives us revelation.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones