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The spiritual side of politics

Sep 19, 2018

The political controversies are not just politics as usual. What you see in the political realm is the outcome of spiritual warfare. Here is an article about how Satanists are behind the so-called “Resistance Movement” seeking to impeach Trump and block his presidency.


It is interesting, of course, that the Satanists had no objection to President Obama. In those days, we ourselves were the “Resistance Movement” fighting against all things Babylonian. But once the transfer authority began (October 2014), the tide began to turn, and by 2017 the overcomers were the ones calling the shots.

The good news is that THEY are now the ones who are on the defensive. We know what that is like, because we defended the country for decades. But now we are on the offensive. That is progress.

Yet the conflict will continue until the Kingdom of God is fully functional on the earth. My hope is that God will raise up spiritual warriors in every country to do what we are doing here in America. Our efforts are already affecting other countries, but in the end, the believers from each country will have to engage in spiritual warfare to gain their freedom.

Be on the winning side!


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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones