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The Kavanaugh confirmation

Sep 24, 2018

One of the most important events in our time that is likely to change the entire political landscape would be the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. This would give the Supreme Court a 5-4 edge in regard to “Conservative” interpretations of the law and the Constitution.

For this reason, the Kavanaugh nomination is seen by the “Liberals” as a panic moment. They believe that their “American way of life” is at risk. By this, they mean that all of the big victories since Roe v Wade legalized the abortion industry might soon go away. At risk too is the carefully planned normalization of homosexuality and gay marriage.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they fear that they will never be able to legalize pedophilia and bestiality as “natural rights.”

So it is hardly surprising when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago when she was 15 and he was 17. Even the manner of the accusation is suspicious, since she sent her letter to Sen. Diane Feinstein last July, but the Democratic senator said nothing about it until the vote was about to be taken to confirm Kavanaugh.

It appears that Feinstein was withholding the letter until it was certain that Kavanaugh would indeed be confirmed. When she knew that the votes would be in favor of the confirmation, she suddenly brought out this accusation at the last minute as a delay tactic. If she could derail his confirmation, a new nominee could not possibly be confirmed prior to the midterm election.

It is being reported now that Christine’s father was an active CIA agent, and that Christine herself is also a CIA recruit. They say that as a psychologist she is teaching young students at Stanford so that they might be CIA recruits as well.


If this is the case, it is obvious that the Deep State is behind these allegations, because the Deep State is rooted in the CIA and other intelligence organizations worldwide. All of the secret files and covert activities have been done to support the Deep State, and it is only now that the tide is beginning to turn.

At the present time, there is a civil war going on between two factions within these intelligence organizations. The unofficial Deep State CIA chief is John Brennan, who hates President Trump and is afraid that he might be indicted for treason. The official head of the CIA, who was appointed last May by Trump, is Gina Haspel. I believe that her main job is to gain control of the CIA and learn about all of the ongoing covert operations.

The attitude in those circles is that Directors come and go, but the covert operations are permanent. Hence, it is clear that some covert operations are so secret that even the Directors of the CIA do not know about them.

Christine Ford presents an interesting case. If she is a CIA asset who is working against the President, why doesn’t Gina Haspel derail her attempt to accuse Judge Kavanaugh? The easy answer is that CIA policy prevents the Director from outing one of its own assets. However, this would not prevent her from briefing the President about Christine’s status and activities.

So it will be interesting to see how this turns out. In my opinion, this accusation will delay the confirmation but not derail it in the end. There is too much at stake here. The delay comes because it takes time to sort out the accusations and to investigate her claims. But in the end, it appears that she has little or no evidence that the attack ever took place. At any rate, the fact that this allegedly took place 36 years ago when both were yet minors in high school gives the story little credibility. She says she cannot remember when or where this even took place.

Likewise, on September 17 the Yearbook for her girls’ school was suddenly removed from the internet when people began to see how wild and promiscuous were its contents. First, how could she get it removed when she was just one student out of many? Did she have help from the CIA?

On Monday Sept. 17th, Christine Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks suddenly disappeared from the web. I read them days before, knew they would be scrubbed, and saved them. Why did I know they would be scrubbed? Because if roles were reversed, and Christine Blasey Ford had been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Trump, the headline by the resistance would be this: 


And it would be an accurate headline. That’s why the yearbooks have been scrubbed. They are a testament to the incredible power these girls had over their teachers, parents and the boys of Georgetown Prep, Landon and other schools in the area. In the pages below, you will see multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.

These yearbooks are, therefore, relevant to the national investigation now being conducted in the media, in homes, and in the halls of Congress. And they should not have been scrubbed. If Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbooks are fair game, so are these.


What are they trying to hide? If they were truly interested in truth, why would they scrub the Yearbook from the internet? Could it be that all of Christine’s classmates might be questioned? If her allegations were true, would she not have told some of her friends about Kavanaugh’s attack?

The accuser claimed numerous witnesses who would back up her story, but as it turns out, only one schoolmate did so—and then later backed down.

According to NBC News, Cristina Miranda King says she went to school with Ford during the time of the alleged attack.

"Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me," she said in a Facebook post. "I did not know her personally but I remember her. This incident did happen."

"Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine's vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true," King confirmed in a letter chock full of liberal and anti-Kavanaugh statements.

But after King’s post went viral, attracting mainstream media attention, she abruptly deleted it and started clamming up….

King then made up her mind, writing on Facebook and making a significant admission: "To all media, I will not be doing anymore interviews. No more circus for me. To clarify my post: I do not have first hand knowledge of the incident that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford mentions, and I stand by my support for Christine.”


She says that she heard rumors about the incident but had no first-hand knowledge. Ok, that means some incident may have occurred. Kavanaugh himself is not claiming that the whole allegation is an outright lie. He is saying that he has no recollection of it and that he was not at that party. He says that she may have been sexually assaulted by someone else—perhaps his football friend, because the two of them were lookalikes.


Most significant, however, is that Christine finds no one to back up her story.

Three people whom Christine Blasey Ford has identified as witnesses at the high school party where she said the incident happened deny knowing anything about it.

This weekend, the attorney for Leland Keyser, named by Ms. Blasey Ford as a friend who could verify parts of her accusation, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she has no recollection of the party and doesn’t know Judge Kavanaugh.


According to Christine’s story, Kavanaugh tried to assault her, and then his friend Mark Judge jumped on them, sending them both tumbling off the bed. She was then able to escape, she says. The problem is that Mark Judge denies the account altogether.

She said that Kavanaugh pushed her into the room and onto her bed, then began to grope her and even attempted to pull her one-piece bathing suit off.

Ford even went so far as to claim that she thought he might “inadvertently kill” her, and that he tried to attack her and rip off her clothing.

She claimed that she got away when Judge jumped on top of Kavanaugh and sent the trio tumbling.

According to her account, she then rushed to a bathroom and locked herself in, but fled the house shortly after, and said nothing about her ordeal until 2012, during a marriage counseling session.

Obviously, the nominee to the United States Supreme Court unequivocally denied the allegations. His friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School, Mark Judge, also denied what Ford said.

He said that now that the anonymous complainant had revealed herself, he has no recollections of the events “attributed to her letter.”


A court of law would quickly throw out these allegations, and it is likely that no attorney would handle such a case with no evidence and no witnesses. But this is not a court case. This is a confirmation hearing. The media and public opinion is the only thing that gives this case any weight at all. The accuser does not have to prove anything, as long as the Democrats and the Deep State media gives her credence.

But politics is mostly a combination of self-interest and hypocrisy. The Democratic party defended President Bill Clinton against numerous claims of actual rape. Did they take those claims as seriously as they do today in the case of Christine Ford? He has been a serial rapist, whereas Kavanaugh has had a stellar moral record for his entire adult life. Are the standards for a Supreme Court Justice higher than the standards for presidents?

Last August, Democratic Representative Keith Ellison was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan.


Being a Muslim, Keith Ellison might be expected to treat women with disdain. But the Democratic Party showed no concern for that woman’s abuse. The hypocrisy of politics is that the parties seem to think that abuse is important only when it benefits them. So when Sen. Feinstein tries to tell everyone that they should take Christine Ford’s allegations seriously, but not Karen Monahan’s, we can hardly take Feinstein seriously either.

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