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The Elisha ministry casts out Jezebel

Sep 15, 2018

For the past week, a series of events occurred, which culminated yesterday with the casting down of Jezebel. This appears to be the first work of the Elisha ministry, and it occurred just hours after the whirlwind (Florence) made landfall to mark the ascension of Elijah.

What Elijah was unable to do, Elisha did. Recall from 1 King 19:2, 3 that after Elijah’s showdown with the prophets of Baal, he fled from Jezebel. This marked the beginning of the end of Elijah’s ministry, and shortly thereafter, he was told to anoint Elisha (1 Kings 19:19). Even so, Elijah was allowed to continue prophesying until after the death of King Ahab in 1 Kings 22:35.

Jezebel continued to rule Israel for an unknown period of time after Ahab’s death. Meanwhile, Elijah was taken up in fiery chariot in the midst of a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11), and Elisha’s request to receive the double portion of Elijah’s anointing was granted (2 Kings 2:9, 10, 13). The story of Jezebel’s demise is found later in 2 Kings 9:33-37. (Notice that in verse 34 Jezebel is called "this cursed woman."

Although Jehu was the one who actually killed Jezebel (by telling her eunuchs to throw her out the window), it was done under the prophetic authority of Elisha, rather than Elijah. From this we understand that it took just a single portion of the anointing to bring judgment upon Ahab, but it took the double portion to bring judgment upon Jezebel.

Many years later, we see the same pattern with John the Baptist, who was killed at the request of Salome and her mother Herodias (Matthew 14:6-12). Herod was playing the role of Ahab in this case, and Herodias was acting by the spirit of Jezebel. The main difference is that John did not ascend in a whirlwind but died instead.

In the preparation for the second work of Christ, in which Jezebel herself is overthrown, the double portion ministry of Elisha is required. Revelation 11:7 says that “the two witnesses” are to be killed, and by the description of their ministries, these are suggested to be Moses and Elijah. Both Moses and Elijah died without completing their work. Moses failed to bring Israel across the Jordan, and Elijah failed to overthrow Jezebel. Nonetheless, both are honored for their work, because God ordained that both should appear to fail in order to reveal the double anointing in Elisha and Joshua.

In late 2008 we received the revelation that Moses had to be replaced by Joshua and that Elijah had to be replaced by Elisha to complete the preparation work for the second coming of Christ. For this reason, we were led to proclaim the start of the Elisha ministry on April 12, 2009. The focus has been primarily on Elisha, with Joshua remaining in the background.

In the next 14 months (to July 15, 2010), we saw the first eight signs of Elisha manifest in our midst (as prophetic types or indicators). Those eight signs (miracles) equaled Elijah’s anointing, because Elijah too performed eight miraculous signs. Since 2010 we have waited for the double portion that would show that we had entered into Elisha’s greater ministry. Periodically, God has given us indicators along the way to let us know that we were still in transition and that we had not lost our way. I have written about these indicators in past years.

But now with the overthrow of the spirit of Jezebel, it appears that we have arrived at that place.


On July 21, 2017 we received a major sign of the funding for the Elisha work ahead, and we understood that it was directly related to the 9th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44). But the worldwide travel ministry has still been delayed until now, so it soon became apparent that we had not yet crossed the line into the double portion.

Then in January and February, signs of a double anointing began to appear in the form of multiple examples of double-yoked eggs. We knew from this that something was stirring in the spirit, but we still did not know precisely how this would play out.

But then in February we saw the death of Elijah (2/10) and Moses (2/21), as Chuck-JOHNEL and Billy Graham died. Their deaths were obvious signs of the soon-coming ministries of Elisha and Joshua, but we did not know when these would arise. It was only at the conference in Branson that I began to understand the 216-day cycle of timing, after Ron pointed it out on Saturday, September 8.

I discovered later that September 8, 2018 was precisely 414 days after July 21, 2017, which I mentioned above. But why would this be a 414-day cycle of “Cursed Time”? Well, biblical numbers have both a positive and a negative side to them, depending on the context. In this case I believe that September 8 marked the beginning of the END of the curse of Jezebel.

Unknown to me, while we were at the conference, other events were taking place back in Minneapolis. The story is a bit strange but bear with me on this. On September 6, Satan appeared to a woman here and demanded that she submit to him as Satan’s bride. Her parents had dedicated her to Satan as a child (and, if I recall, even before she was born). In her early life she had been subjected to satanic ritual abuse. That alone makes this a strange story to those who are not aware of such things happening worldwide.

At any rate, Satan showed up and gave her 72 hours to answer his claim. This was what was happening while we were at the conference. She rejected Satan’s claim on the grounds that she was a child of God and had died to the old self, nullifying any previous marriage contract according to the law (Romans 7:2). So beginning Saturday, September 8, she (spiritually) began to expel all sorts of “junk.” (Let’s leave it at that.)

Two days later, September 10 (Rosh Hoshana), she went to an area of St. Paul known as Midway, where she was caught up in a great battle. The overcomers moved east to meet demonic hordes coming from Asia. They met midway in what she described as World War 3 and as The Battle of Midway, which was roughly a parallel to the turning point in World War 2 many years ago.

Whirlwind Florence

Meanwhile, the hurricane was churning its way in the Atlantic toward the East Coast of the USA, and it finally came ashore on the morning of September 14. As I wrote earlier, this was 216 days after “Elijah” died on February 10. That was a sign of Elijah, who was taken in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11).

I never would have guessed how the prophetic story of Elijah would actually play out in our time. There was no whirlwind on February 10, but the 216-day time cycle linked that date to September 14—as if we were seeing “a fold in time,” making it appear as if both dates coincided as the same time/date. (In other words, February 10 is September 14.)

Deliverance from Jezebel

Yesterday afternoon (September 14), three men and a woman (formerly “Satan’s bride”) met in my office, with two more men joining us by telephone, to deal with Jezebel. One of the men physically present, an ex-Catholic, came to get deliverance from Jezebel on behalf of himself and his entire bloodline going back many generations. We discerned that his family tree had been “married to Jezebel” and this had put him and his bloodline under the curse of Jezebel. In that sense, he was picturing King Ahab.

After some discussion and discernment, we knew that the ex-Catholic was required to “divorce” Jezebel and to renounce all contracts with her from the beginning. As he began to speak, suddenly, the woman went into a trance, her eyes rolled back into her head, and the spirit of Jezebel began to shriek through her: “STOP! NOOOOOO! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

That was the moment that I wished I had recorded it on my cell phone. But on second thought, I really didn’t want Jezebel on my phone! I don’t remember all that Jezebel said, but it was obvious that Jezebel was extremely upset, and her pain was felt physically by the woman. I was glad that it was about 5 pm, because the neighbors in the office space next door had gone home already. Otherwise, they might have called the police, thinking a woman was being murdered.

At any rate, the reaction from Jezebel proved without doubt that our discernment was correct that Ahab had to renounce and divorce Jezebel. His statement did not take long, but it worked. When it was over, the woman slumped over on the sofa, and I then addressed Jezebel and cast her out of the woman, sending her to the appropriate place for divine judgment.

This part of the deliverance took only a short time, as Jezebel had lost her power and had no further grip on Ahab, the church, or the nation. By removing the lawful grounds of her power, she was finished.

My Analysis

It remains to be seen how this incident will affect the world at large. We have no confirmation yet about its effective scope. There are many levels of Jezebel, but for now it appears that we have dealt with the root of Jezebel, from which source have come many lower-level Jezebel manifestations.

I believe this will affect the Roman Church directly. The church hierarchy will probably think that they are being destroyed, but in fact, the people are being delivered. The deliverance of the church will also include all other denominations who have been dominated by Jezebel—without their direct knowledge, of course.

This could affect Hillary Clinton herself, as she too is a type of Jezebel.

It will certainly affect the control of the Deep State, which has enslaved the whole world in the years after World War 2 to the present time.

Finally, this deliverance could not have taken place apart from the double portion anointing of Elisha. It appears that as Elijah was taken up in the whirlwind, his mantle has fallen and has been taken up by Elisha. The first order of business, then, was to deal with Jezebel once and for all.

The coincidence of timing speaks volumes.

At the same time, this has given us new understanding, because some aspects of this deliverance experience were new and unusual. I learned years ago not to allow my limited understanding to get in the way of actual experience. Experience is how the Holy Spirit teaches us new things, and we must be willing to change our views in order to grow in our knowledge of spiritual things.

I have put this report out as a public record, while at the same time I have not named the people involved. Nor is there time or space to get into other details. I felt it was necessary, however, to know what was accomplished on our September 14 watch date, as this gives us understanding about where we are in prophetic history.

Yet keep in mind that two more watch dates are coming shortly, which are in some way connected to the first. September 19 is Yom Kippur, and September 24 is the first day of the feast of Tabernacles. Both are endpoints of 216-day cycles, and 216 is a biblical number that is specifically associated with Joshua, since Joshua’s name appears 216 times in Scripture.

God has seen fit to separate the Elijah events from the Joshua events, but these must be viewed as two sides to the same coin. Since we are also moving from Moses to Joshua, we will be monitoring events from now until October 24 to see what is happening. I will keep you informed of the things that we discern.

Meanwhile, the next day to watch is September 19, which is 216 days from 2/16. What we know at the present time is that 2/16 was a prophetic type of the wave-sheaf offering (barley) for the Second Passover. For those who are unfamiliar with the two Passovers and how they apply on our western calendar to January and February, that is too long to try to explain here. We have been teaching about this since January of 2010.

As events unfold, we will have a better idea where this path is taking us and will be able to know better what things to point out.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones