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Ohio Governor John Kasich says McCain was "put to death"

Sep 12, 2018

It was reported earlier by the mainstream media that John McCain died of brain cancer on August 25, 2018. But Q had always questioned his illness. Why did he develop brain cancer at the time that he started wearing a "boot" on his left ankle—I mean his right ankle—no, it was his left ankle. Oh, well, his ankle injury seemed to be contagious, moving randomly from one foot to the other.

There was a lot of speculation at the time that McCain had been arrested and was covering up his ankle monitor with a boot as if he had been injured. I reported on these things here:


Did he also fake brain cancer? Was his brain surgery just for show? Q suggested this from the beginning. From what some brain surgeons have said, brain cancer would not allow McCain to have his mental faculties up to the day that he died. And yet we are told that the day before McCain died, he himself decided to refuse any further treatment. Could he have credibly made such a decision and then died the next day?

Then there is the fact that Q essentially prophesied the death of McCain a month before he was said to have died--to the very minute! Is Q a prophet? Or did Q, as a political insider, know ahead of time that on August 25 McCain was scheduled for execution for treason?

There has been a lot of speculation, of course, but now Ohio Governor John Kasich said on a news interview that John McCain was “put to death.”


Was this a slip of the tongue? A Freudian slip? Perhaps, but if so, it showed what he was really thinking. He apparently believes (or knows) that McCain was executed, even though he was allowed to retain the honor of a state funeral. This would certainly explain the rancorous anti-Trump comments coming from McCain’s daughter, as well as the reason why Trump was not invited to the memorial service.

There are still many questions about this, and there is much speculation. However, Kasich’s interview has added weight to the view that there are arrests, military tribunals, and even executions going on behind the scenes. It would certainly explain the frenzy and hatred among some politicians and most of the mainstream media.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones