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Mistake email sent out, and site updates tonight (completed)

Sep 19, 2018

So you may have noticed an email that was sent out around 5:30 PM CDT that was titled "New GKM News Post!" This was an accidental email that was sent out while testing some updates we were doing on the Dev site for GKM. Our apologies for that, feel free to completely disregard it. :)

Second, we will be doing some updates on GKM later on tonight around Midnight CDT. We have completed testing these updates on the dev site, which is when the accidental email was sent out, and we will be moving these updates over to the live site later on tonight. Please note you may experience intermittent connection issues during this time, or errors returned from the GKM site. If this happens, know that it's normal, and just part of the process until the update is complete.

Thank you all for your understanding in this!

- GKM Admin

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