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Letter from Brother Vinnie

Sep 26, 2018

Dear family, friends and fellow Kingdom builders,

We are in the final stretch of this long (four month), amazing, challenging and glorious journey.

For those who might be reading this for the first time, we started our journey at the end of May driving from Pensacola, Florida to hundreds of miles north of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

Many people were prayed for, saved and encountered Jesus at the First Nations reserve, Tsay Keh Dene, and in Prince George, B.C.  We also ministered in some churches in B.C. Canada where many were touched by the power of God. They received prophetic ministry, some deliverances and even some healings.  I am so proud of my children, how they ministered alongside me, especially with their anointed music. It truly was something special!

We then went to Italy for seven weeks where we did some outreaches in Rome and in Naples. By the way you can watch videos on our YouTube channel or on Facebook at Imperial Family Ministries. There was much plowing in the spirit but then there were some glorious salvations right before we left.

We flew back to Vancouver and then did a slow drive across the northern part of the United States where we are now in New York visiting family and believing God for a miracle for my mom who is battling stage 4 liver and pancreatic cancer.  

While we've been here, we have also been able to see our oldest daughter who is attending The King's College in New York City and we were able to minister to some of her friends and fellow students. We are believing for a mighty outpouring of God's spirit there.

 Thank you for all of your prayers for us, for my mom, and for all of your support!  Many of you have partnered with us and will receive the blessings of this harvest with us. We could not have done it without your faithfulness and obedience in doing what the Lord put on your hearts to do.  You are so very much appreciated!

 Finally, please keep us in your prayers as we transition off the mission field believing, frankly, to go back on soon as we can as we seek the Lord fresh. It is in our heart to plant a work in New York City and also in Italy but we are waiting on instructions from heaven.

We still have financial needs that you can please pray for as you are led.  I have straddled between business and ministry for a long time but full-time evangelism is burning our hearts for the nations.  We are still in need of funds during this transition.

To continue supporting my family as we are temporarily off the mission field, I have connected with a brother in the Lord from Canada who represents a VOIP phone system for businesses. If you're an IT guy that has clients or you are presently in the phone business, feel free to contact me as this is something that you can brand for yourself, using this company for your phone infrastructure. This is NOT a network marketing program but a legitimate business to business company for someone that is already in this space. 

You can reach me at 850-255-1000.

Lastly, I have a lady who has Zimbabwe currency that she needs to sell as her husband has fell ill and needs the finances. Please get back to me if you are interested.

Please pray for continued protection on the road as we leave in a couple days heading back home to Florida. We should be there early next week.

Much love in Christ,

Vinnie Imperial and family 

PS:  We were able to capture and record some anointed times in worship during our trip that we will post on YouTube in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


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