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John Kerry violates the Logan Act

Sep 15, 2018

Ever since President Obama decided to openly ignore immigration laws passed by congress (and voted in by both parties!), a new precedent has been set. Now former Secretary of State John Kerry is openly violating the Logan Act, which forbids American citizens from negotiating with foreign leaders without working through the State Department.


Whoever heard of an ex-government official telling foreign leaders to wait it out until they can oust a sitting president? It seems to me that this not only violates the Logan Act, but is also a case of sedition and possibly treason.

Here is a picture of one of Kerry's body doubles. He looks similar to Kerry, but it seems clear to me that this is someone else. (All of the presidents and many high-ranking cabinet members have body doubles. This fact came out in the news in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of President Reagan in the early 1980's.)


Many are criticizing the Attorney General for ignoring these blatant lawbreakers. But I think AG Jeff Sessions is planning to take down John Kerry on much more serious charges in the near future. He is building cases against most of ex-President Obama’s cabinet, all of whom are now being implicated in the FISA conspiracy.

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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones