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Has the final battle just occurred?

Sep 01, 2018

Today is the last day of the Burning Man prayer campaign. So we can say that we will achieve victory this evening. Anyone who has read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War knows that no one should go into a war unless he has won that war in advance. That is also Jesus’ policy when He sends us into spiritual warfare.

I suspect that we are now seeing signs of victory in Q’s postings as well. I find the coincident significant. Yesterday, Q wrote a series of 16 posts dealing with the shutdown of the Five Eyes satellites and the NSA’s seven supercomputers, which are collectively known as Snow White and individually called by the names of the seven dwarfs.


BREAKING: Vital US spy satellites rendered blind – no access by other nations. Pentagon declining to comment. Respected former CIA analyst predicted the action – connected to Donald Trump. Conspiracy theorists say ‘QAnon‘ behind it.

Today, sources from the Intelligence Community are confirming critical CIA mainframe computer systems are offline rendering SEVEN spy satellites in the dark.

Tech staff are working furiously to find out what happened and fix it. In Britain MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are in panic mode as speculation grows this is President Donald Trump’s retaliation for the discredited ‘Steele-Russia dossier‘.

‘QAnon’ users of QMAP – an alleged US government website – have been posting frantically overnight claiming this was a planned ‘attack’ and a victory against the ‘Deep State’. They pointed to ‘Q drops‘ (‘breadcrumbs’ of alleged intel from qanon.app – another US military intelligence website) to prove this is a coordinated, precision military operation (screenshot images below):

This site accuses Q of “posting frantically overnight,” when in fact Q was not at all frantic. Only this news article is “frantic” about this turn of events.

The article continues,

If the reports are correct, the ramifications are that, not just the CIA, but all US foreign allies are rendered ‘blind’ to vital intelligence information until a fix is found. Until then there is an almost complete blackout of most “Black-Ops” Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) satellites. 

Therefore, the CIA is now unable to perform certain “key hole” surveillance with gaping holes in their ability to intercept various signals; i.e. certain phones, certain radios, certain internet coms, etc.

If the US Department of Defense (DoD) anticipates imminent reform or abolition of the CIA it could explain why the DoD is “dramatically consolidating our IT networks…” Twitter (Aug 31, 2018).

If the ‘QAnon’ folk are correct this means a self-serving elite who previously thought they ran the world, (i.e. the Intelligence Community within CIA and NSA) are now deaf, dumb, and partially blind (they may possess modest, localized on-the-ground SIGINT capacity).

Independent sources are linking to a key story from last year ‘This Is How Five Eyes Dies’ (March 30, 2017) which forewarned of such a deliberate attack. ‘Q’ posted a cryptic comment last night that suggests Britain’s spy hub, GCHQ was thrown into panic:


The message (screenshot below) being seen as the National Security Agency (NSA) peremptorily terminating Britain’s access to America’s spying secrets.

‘GCHQ Bude’ employs 50 intelligence staff,  is a UK Government satellite ground station and eavesdropping centre located on the north Cornwall coast at Cleave Camp near the village of Morwenstow. It is operated by the British signals intelligence service, officially known as the Government Communications Headquarters, commonly abbreviated GCHQ.

For those interested in learning more about GCHQ Bude, look here:


For those interested in learning more about Corona, which Q mentions, look here:


For those interested in learning more about KH-9 Hexagon, alias “Big Bird,” look here:


This shutdown has effectively shut down the bad elements in the CIA who also have had access to these supercomputers. This is a war between two factions in the intelligence community. Whatever is going on, this shutdown is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in the power struggle going on behind the scenes.

I quoted extensively from the article above in case it is blocked by Google. But there is much more in the article, and the author quotes Q extensively. If you can, you should read the entire article for yourself.

They say that “knowledge is power,” and this translates into the power of the intelligence communities. Nonetheless, there is more than one form of power. There is military power, which relies heavily on intelligence information, and yet not totally. There is political power (the president, congress, etc.). There is religious power (the pope, the Dalai Lama, etc.). There is financial power (wealthy bankers).

Then there is spiritual power (the overcomers and to some extent every believer).

Each has its own power to act upon an agenda. I may be biased, but I believe that spiritual power is the greatest of these, and when it is in the hands of those who follow Jesus’ instructions and commands, it is greater than all other powers in the world.

The question, I suppose, is the timing of this satellite shutdown. On the surface, it appears to make America vulnerable to foreign attack, because these projects were put in place supposedly to tell us if missiles from Russia or China had been launched and were heading our way. However, this intelligence was also used to spy on Americans and to control people, rather than protect them. In the name of “national security,” many illegal things have been done in secret without the informed consent of the people.

This has affected the whole world. There are many reports, now declassified, which show how the CIA has overthrown governments, assassinated leaders around the world, and, of course, influenced elections in nearly every other country.

It appears that this has all come to a head, and that nothing will be the same after this. The fact that this has happened toward the end of our prayer campaign will be considered to be a mere coincidence to those who do not believe in the effectiveness of spiritual warfare. But as for me, I don’t believe in coincidences. (Neither does Q.)

For the past few weeks, ever since the Spirit of God began to stir in me and speak of a coming prayer campaign, I had an awareness that this was more than just about human sacrifice to Molech. That has been a key issue at the heart of the prayer campaign, of course, but we ought to view human sacrifice as a means to attain spiritual power that blinds the people and puts them under the political control of the worshipers of Molech and other false gods.

America has a secular government on the surface, but the hidden agenda is religious. The purpose of a secular government is to dethrone Jesus Christ and to rid America of its biblical roots that has shaped its culture. Their plan was to eradicate Christianity and then replace it with some form of Satanism. Albert Pike’s plan was to bring about three world wars, culminating in great disillusionment that would create a spiritual vacuum to be filled by Luciferianism. I wrote about it here:


It appears that Bruce Ohr’s testimony before congress earlier this week put the final nail in the coffin of the Deep State. By testifying that he kept top FBI and DOJ officials “in the loop,” keeping them informed of the fake Russian dossier, he implicated Robert Mueller’s top “bulldog,” Andrew Weissman. Some say that Ohr’s testimony will destroy Mueller’s investigation.

Immediately following Bruce Ohr’s testimony, the military moved in and shut down the satellites and supercomputers used by the CIA and the British MI6 to control the world. I suspect that when the truth is finally reported, we will learn that this event was the real takedown of the Deep State. I suspect that this has also opened the door to actual prosecutions, and that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will now take center stage, along with Chief Investigator Horowitz and the Chief Prosecutor John Huber (with his 470 special prosecutors on staff).

Jeff Sessions has been a very busy man behind the scenes, but most of the high-level indictments have been sealed up to this point. As of August 1st, there were about 45,000 sealed indictments, and about 5,000 new indictments have been added each month for over a year. Cases have been building, and now, I suspect, we will start to see these begin to be unsealed.

Many have complained about Jeff Sessions as if he has done absolutely nothing. But in reality, he has been a very busy man. Trump publicly complains about him, but that has been just a show in order to trick the mainstream media into supporting Sessions. After all, any enemy of Trump is a friend of the Deep State.

Now that the media has defended Sessions against Trump, they will have a difficult time accusing Sessions of political bias when he begins arresting the Deep State officials. Trump is actually a very good actor, something he learned years ago when he was saying “You’re Fired!” on his television program.

Q has told us consistently to “Trust Sessions,” even though Trump has appeared to quarrel with him and complain about his inaction. Trump’s complaints have increased lately, and he has even threatened to take action personally. I interpreted that to mean that we were nearing the time when Sessions would begin arresting people. Trump was actually rallying public support to demand legal action that would “force” Sessions to arrest those whom Sessions had already indicted secretly!

So it is quite possible that these arrests may begin shortly. That is when the mainstream news media will be the mouthpiece of panic for the Deep State in the final days of the overthrow of Mystery Babylon.


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