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Florence and news from Q

Sep 13, 2018

It is increasingly clear that we are finally moving past Elijah into the Elisha ministry and from Moses to the Joshua ministry. In both cases, it is a progression from the single anointing to the double anointing, allowing us to complete the work by the provision of the birthright. The birthright holders were to receive the double portion of the inheritance in order to fulfill their duties in regard to the estate.

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is certainly a major sign as we move from Elijah to Elisha. Because today is the 216th day from February 10 (when Chuck-JOHNEL died), and tomorrow is 216 days FROM the same date, these are both watch dates. Perhaps it is significant, then, that Hurricane Florence (the “whirlwind”) is expected to hit the Carolina coast this evening and stall there for a few days. The winds are expected to batter the coast for at least two days.

Fortunately, Florence weakened overnight to a category 2 storm, and as it approaches the shore, it will continue to weaken. It is not likely that it will be as destructive as first thought, at least not from the wind itself. The main problem will probably be the sustained rain along the coast. At first they were forecasting up to 20 inches of rain, but that has now been cut in half.

Because of one high pressure ridge within the country and another on the north side of Florence, the whirlwind may turn south toward Charleston, SC once it reaches the coastline. It may just brush Charleston. That would certainly be appropriate, since it is Charles Town. Though we called him Chuck, his name is actually Charles. I recall that when Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston in September 1989, the city was prophetically referred to as Charles Town, and we connected it to Chuck himself.

So it appears that the whirlwind will be heading south to Charleston to pick up Elijah, and that it may arrive tomorrow, which is 216 days from February 10th. At this point, the actual schedule is unclear, but the longer it takes to get to Charleston, the less damage it will do.

At the entrance to the harbor at Charleston is Sullivan’s Island.

The island was known as O'Sullivan's Island, named for Captain Florence O'Sullivan, who was stationed here as a lookout in the late 17th century. O'Sullivan was captain of one of the ships in the first fleet to establish English and Irish settlement at Charleston. In 1671, he became surveyor general.


Forty percent of the African slaves were brought to America through O’Sullivan’s Island. Perhaps Hurricane Florence, which formed off the coast of Africa and came across the ocean to America, suggests that the slaves will be set free through the Elisha ministry. In that way, South Carolina’s “Liberty” flag (below) can reverse its history of slavery and apply Liberty to all men equally. Its palm tree (symbol of Tabernacles) can then be truly fulfilled.


Panic in Washington

In other news, Q has put out multiple statements about “Panic in Washington.” Various Deep State operatives who are under investigation for perjury and treason are in a state of panic and are now testifying against each other to the DOJ investigators. On September 7 Q posted: “Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein.” Normally, Q refers to him as “RR,” so this is unusual. In fact, I think this was the first time Q called him by his actual name. It appears that Trump is about to declassify about 20 redacted pages from the FISA report, and when that happens, it will expose Rosenstein as being part of the criminal conspiracy. If so, the corruption exposed in the report could effectively end the Mueller investigation altogether.

On September 11 (the 17th anniversary of the Twin Towers demolition), Q posted this (#2152):


I expected to see something significant on this day, since Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and Q has made a big deal of the number 17 in the past. He suggests that the fake Russian collusion dossier which was the basis of the FISA court spying operation on the Trump campaign is going to bring down many conspirators. Some of them will be held accountable for treason, as was John McCain, who played a big role in that conspiracy.

Q said (#2153) that Rod Rosenstein requested a meeting with Trump and that Trump declined. That suggests that Rosenstein wanted to cut a deal with Trump, and that it was far too late for any deal to be made.

Q said (#2154) that last week Sally Yates formally hired the prestigious law firm, King and Spalding, to represent her. Sally Yates was the Deputy Attorney General under President Obama, and when she left office, she was hired by the law firm, King and Spalding. So apparently, she has retained the services of the law firm where she now works.

Q said (#2155), “Comey in communication w/ McCabe re: ‘testimony’ ‘story’.” He is telling us that James Comey was talking with Andrew McCabe so that they could coordinate their stories when they testify before and during their trials.

In #2156, Q says that James Baker was testifying against Comey. In #2157, Q says that Lisa Page was testifying against her ex-lover, Peter Strzok (the man with the demonic look).

Q said (#2158) that “Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey.” He will most likely be the real key to breaking open this conspiracy and forcing the mainstream media to report it more accurately. From his post at the DOJ, Bruce Ohr coordinated the fake Russian dossier with his wife, Nellie, at Fusion GPS, the firm hired to spy on Trump.

It’s nice to hear that Bruce Ohr loves his wife enough to try to shield her from liability. We have yet to see how much her sentence is reduced on account of his efforts to save her.

Q said (#2159) that Christopher Steele, the British CIA agent who colluded with the Russians and with Fusion GPS to produce the fake dossier has requested that his government give him a special waiver so that he is not extradited to the USA for the coming trials. Unfortunately for him, a 2003 extradition treaty was signed by the USA and the UK. Will the UK honor that treaty, now that it is about to be tested in the real world?

Q finished this series of posts, saying (#2160):

Rats running.
Timing is everything.
Enjoy the show.

The post numbers themselves have often been significant, as Q has pointed out in the past. The above is 2160, which may also suggest something beyond Q’s intention. It is obviously connected to 216 (Joshua). Likewise, the moon has a diameter of 2160 miles. Jericho means “Moon City,” and Joshua overthrew Jericho.

When the Twin Towers were demolished on September 11, 2001, we took note that this fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah 30:25, “on the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.” The next verse connects this event to Jericho, saying, “And the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun.” The moon suggested Jericho to us, and so this is why we were looking for a Jericho sign ten years later in 2011. That was when Operation Jericho began here in the Twin Cities.

The point is that on September 11, 2018, or 17 years after the original 911 event, Q summarizes the situation in post #2160, the prime “Jericho” number. I doubt if Q consciously intended to do this, as not many people understand the meaning of numbers as we do, but God knows.

Sexual Misconduct at CBS

Q then posted about the resignation of Jeff Fager of the CBS news program, “60 Minutes.”


Fager was the second CBS executive to resign this past week over sexual misconduct. The first was Leslie Moonves, the CBS chairman and CEO who resigned on September 9, after six more women came forward to accuse him.


I first reported on this story in a weblog for July 27, 2018, showing its connection to the moon and to the lunar eclipse at that time.


The Blood Cult

A few weeks ago I wrote about adrenochrome, which is adrenalized blood that Satanists like to drink in the attempt to retain their youth. They get it by traumatizing and frightening babies and children, whose adrenals pump adrenalin into their bloodstream. The children are then killed, and their blood drained and provided to those willing to pay for it.

Q posted this strange article from the New York Post about the health benefits of drinking “young blood”:


Q also posted a second article from Sky News:


No wonder Q often says, “These people are sick.” Actor Mel Gibson says that adrenochrome (blood) is the “premium currency” in Hollywood. Many of the rich and famous use such blood to buy things, because it is in such demand.


When President Trump says that he plans to “drain the swamp,” few people know just how stinky the swamp really is. Right now the focus is on draining the swamp of criminals for mere treason, perjury, and sexual misconduct. When that is done, then the focus will be upon the Satanists and their ritual murder, sex trafficking, and other hidden atrocities that will shock many good people out of their lethargy.

They are fighting back, of course, because this is an epic war that will determine who controls the earth. On September 5, Trump tweeted this:


I have no way of knowing if either Q or Trump have much knowledge of biblical prophecy and the timing of the coming Kingdom. They know much, I believe, even if they do not have the benefit of our own studies of timing. In my view, our prayer campaigns over the years are now bringing forth fruit and that without first obtaining the victory in the spirit, the swamp in Washington DC could not be drained.

One final note: In the 1600’s, the land that later became Washington DC was a swamp with a river that was named the Tiber. The land itself was called “Rome” in the original title deed, and the owner was listed as Francis Pope. For this reason, we must connect Washington DC with Rome itself. The current swamp draining project in Washington is prophetically connected to the events in Rome, as Pope Francis continues his coverup of the pedophilia.


Vatican City, Sep 11, 2018 / 04:20 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Satan is working to uncover the sins of bishops so that they will be visible and a cause of scandal, Pope Francis said during his homily at Mass on Tuesday.

“This is good to remember, in these times in which it seems that the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible, in order to scandalize the people. 

Pope Francis should know that “the Great Accuser” has a God-given job to do. It is to accuse people of sin. The solution is not to cover up the sin with fig leaves, but to repent from it and thereby cover it with the blood of Jesus. It seems to me that the pope is using the solution that Adam and Eve tried to use in Genesis 3:7. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle it.

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