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Emerging Kingdom in the marketplace (Clay Sikes)

Sep 26, 2018


In a meeting (October 2009) with 99 year old Welsh Apostle, Arthur Burt, he kept repeating that this new move of God would NOT carry the mark, would NOT carry the mark, would NOT carry the mark.

As we inquired “What mark?”  He responded by saying “The mark of destruction – this move, unlike all others, would not carry the mark of God’s destruction.”

He further explained that we had moved now into the third third, the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

Is “the third third” a typo, or has the Kingdom come in three stages: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles? I believe that since the death of prophetic “Saul” in 1993, we have been transitioning into the reign of “David” in the Tabernacles Kingdom.

The World’s System is constantly competing with God’s Kingdom for our daily affections; though now, as the World’s System is in its first real state of decline, the Kingdom (and its sons and daughters) stand at ‘the ready’ to offer strong solutions to today’s problems besieging every aspect of our culture.

Now is the time of the Kingdom upon earth!

God’s Kingdom is power filled, and fueled with authority.  Problems guard power, and as one hears God and obeys, he becomes empowered over the problem he once faced – and greatest of all, he has a testimony – It’s time to walk the talk!

The talk is now becoming the walk, as those truly marked for ‘forerunner experience’ will impart this overcoming truth from testimony (Revelation 12:11), not theory. Impartation is now taking the earth by storm as testimony is communicative and highly contagious.

This competition is coming to a climax right now. Do we desire Babylonian culture or Kingdom culture? Will we live under Babylonian laws and Church traditions or repent and turn to God’s laws? Will we live under God’s perfect “law of liberty” (James 2:12), or under the oppressive system of bondage under Babylon?

As an example, credit, once a strong mechanism of the World’s System, is now practically nonexistent as fear grips the entire credit system.

The World Banking System as a whole is a product of the world’s system, and stands as one of the most powerful systems man ever created.

Credit is a giant ruling (by fear and manipulation) those who serve it; and remember we must pay dearly to serve this giant!

The borrower is a servant to the lender.  To know that you will no more be a borrower but a lender, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath is to be forearmed ‘to the teeth’ with knowledge of ‘purpose’ in the Kingdom Age.

The Dominion Mandate has been given to the overcomers (sons of God). So we read:

Many of us have been part of, and hence loathed the organizations of men.  This exposure and experience happened for a very defined reason – to contrast the darkness from light.

The new wineskin will carry the light into the dark world.  As stated, the one man, top down, hierarchical corporate structure will not be seen in these business models, but rather a flow of confirming ideas under the leadership of God’s spirit.

Each leader will have a specific responsibility in tandem with his gifting, with checks and balances (by spiritual witness) among core leaders.

This model is not absent a leader, as leaders have a specific responsibility for all final decisions, but this leader is a servant to those who serve the ‘calling to the marketplace’ as unto The LORD, and not unto the leader himself.

The problem has been that too many church leaders have been called by men, rather than by God, proven by the (lack of) quality and integrity in their ministries.

This Age will reveal the miraculous and those called to it as they will live in the world of the supernatural as naturally as a fish swims in the sea.

Their testimonies are riddled with occasions of Divine Interference, as the Age will produce another unique characteristic – repeated Divine Interference in the affairs of men.

Think it not a strange thing when these things begin to happen, first in God’s forerunners, then to the full remnant, and then with the Body of Christ.

God’s time to shine in this dark world is upon us, and He will shine within the skin of men, those obedient unto death, who have exchanged their life for His.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Is God about to offer us heaven’s rule upon earth?  I think so.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones