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Will we see an economic collapse?

Aug 02, 2018

President Trump’s policies appear to be good for business and the economy in America. The so-called “trade war” is hotly debated, of course, as to whether it is good or bad. It is not my purpose to enter that debate here.

There is a bigger question to address, which includes Bible prophecy. Toward the end of the book of Revelation, it is clear that the fall of Mystery Babylon will see a collapse of trade and shipping (Revelation 18:15, 17). By definition, that involves the world economy. Therefore, it seems certain that this must describe some sort of economic collapse.

The real question is HOW this will occur, rather than IF it will occur.

Recently, Pastor Lindsey Williams put out a video on this topic. Williams was the chaplain in the 1970’s when the Alaska oil pipeline was being built. He was invited to attend the meetings of the big oil barons and billionaires. For some reason, some of these men took a liking to him, and in later years they continued to keep in contact with him.

One of his main contacts (Mr. Fromm) died a few years ago, but he has another contact who now tells him what is happening. Most recently, that contact told him that the so-called “elites” (whom I call the rulers of Babylon) had been working for many years to bring the world to the point where the economic system would be destroyed deliberately.

The reason for this was that in times of trouble, they would be able to strengthen government control and establish a full despotic world government, which they controlled. After all, they knew that the debt-money system could not survive forever. They knew that at some point, when everyone was too far in debt to the banks, the system would collapse. So they have prepared for that day, so that they would be able to transfer their wealth and power to the new system.

The new system was to enslave everyone else. The Babylonians were supposed to consolidate their power even further to the point where no one could ever overthrow them again.

However, Pastor Williams is now reporting that his “elite” friend has told him that with the election of President Trump, their plan has been put on hold. They do not want to crash the system as long as Trump is in power, because a crash would put others in power.

He says that the world economy has been pumped into a huge bubble that is ready to burst, but now they cannot burst it! At least, not deliberately.

The question, then, is whether God Himself will burst the economy and spoil the plans of the Babylonian rulers, or whether the entire system will simply be changed in a more peaceful way. Can the system change by declaring a debt-Jubilee? Will President Trump’s takeover of the Federal Reserve (putting the Fed under the Treasury Department) succeed in changing the financial system without excessive trauma?

That remains to be seen, of course, but that is what we must watch and discern in the days and months ahead. Obviously, I hope that Trump and his backers in Military Intelligence can take over the system from the Babylonian rulers and destroy the Babylonian debt-system without devastating the economy. I believe it is possible, but only if they move toward Kingdom principles.

God’s law forbids usury itself, and this means that the banks will have to change their basic format to something along the lines of what is currently done in Muslim countries, where usury is also forbidden. Those banks become investors, rather than loaning money at interest. If the business makes money, they make money. If not, everyone loses money.

I don’t know how God will achieve His goal of establishing His Kingdom, but I have full confidence that He can and will do so in the Age to come. My job is just to teach Kingdom laws and principles which economists and political leaders can then use to make the necessary changes according to their calling and expertise.

Meanwhile, I am intrigued by Pastor Williams’ report. Just because the Babylonian rulers have a plan does not mean that their plan will actually work. In fact, their plan only works as long as they have the authority from God to rule the earth. But I believe that authority has now passed to the saints of the Most High. The rule of the various beast governments (empires) in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 has now ended after “seven times” of dominion.

So I would expect their plans to fail. Williams’ information, coming directly from one of those Babylonian rulers, confirms this. Trump was not supposed to win the 2016 election. If Hillary had won, the Babylonian rulers would be crashing the economy now, in order to consolidate their rule into the next age. But with Trump in office, they are now in a dilemma. The economy is ripe for a crash, but they do not want to do it.

The question, then, is what God will do. The Babylonian plan is at a standstill. I rather like this situation. We are in God’s hands, not in the hands of the beasts of Babylon. God is merciful and God is love. The beasts operate on self-interest.

There is no doubt in my mind that the plan of God is to overthrow Babylon. The long judgment upon the rightful heirs of the Dominion Mandate has come to a conclusion. The judgment upon Babylon is now coming. We will all be affected by that judgment, depending on how closely aligned we are to the Babylonian way of life and its system. However, I believe that the more Kingdom minded we are, the more protected we will be.

In fact, I believe that the saints of the Most High will enjoy prosperity and divine protection in the midst of turmoil. That is because we have a job to do. We have a Kingdom to build. We have a New Covenant message to promote. We are the facilitators and carriers of the Holy Spirit that already works within us and is about to be poured out in a greater way.

There will be many present-day sinners and “enemies of Christ” who are future believers. So be careful what you say about them today. I’m quite sure that many in the early church had many bad things to say about Saul prior to his conversion while he was persecuting the church. I wonder how many of them had to apologize to Paul later!

Remember that we are on the winning side, so there is no need to panic. We win mostly by turning our enemies into friends. I am sure that some of them will come under judgment and will not be saved until every knee bows at the Great White Throne. However, those people are in God’s hands. Most of the people have been deceived into fighting for Babylon, because the church has failed in its mission to manifest the life of Christ to the world. A great many Satanists and witches are former church people who rejected Christianity after observing the emptiness of powerless churches.

We cannot simply blame them without looking at the deeper problem. If the church had fulfilled its Great Commission, and if the church had not lost the real power of the Holy Spirit, the world would have been converted to Christ long ago.

We are fortunate, however, to be living in the time of change, the transition from one age to another, and the transfer of the Dominion Mandate from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High. With that realization and vision, let us conduct ourselves accordingly and implement the Kingdom vision that God has given us.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones