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What is freedom of speech?

Aug 08, 2018

Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech and a free press. But how we define such freedom is another question. One thing is clear, however. Speech is not free unless one has the right to express an unpopular opinion. When anyone tries to shut down someone speaking an unpopular opinion, free speech is in jeopardy.

Last Saturday, Alex Jones led a pro-Trump rally in Portland, Oregon in a peaceful manner to advocate his particular point of view. Antifa (fascists in disguise) tried to turn it into a riot, throwing bottles and screaming obscenities at everyone, including the police.

Two reporters, including Candace Owen, were physically and verbally assaulted as they tried to eat breakfast at a local diner. Candace, a black reporter, was called a white racist and a black traitor!


It seems that these people won’t allow any black or Hispanic person to support President Trump. Obviously, they are frightened at the enormous numbers of blacks and Hispanics that are turning away from the Socialist Democratic Party. Last January, Kanye West publicly expressed his support for Trump, and the black community’s 11 percent support of Trump suddenly doubled to 22 percent. It is now 29% and rising, polls say.

Meanwhile, the Walkaway Movement continues to grow, as more and more ex-Democrats post their videos on U-Tube giving their reasons for walking away.

The Antifa screamers, carrying Nazi flags slightly altered to suit their own purpose, can’t seem to comprehend that the more they advocate violence and refuse to debate the issues calmly, the more they turn off reasonable people. In the guise of opposing "hate speech," they give themselves the right to scream in hatred. Having lost the philosophical debate, they go to the streets to throw tantrums. They need to grow up and act like adults. However, fear is driving them, and fear makes people do crazy things.

Social Media Censorship

In past decades, the Socialist Babylonians have demanded their rights to express their views without being censored by the government or in the press. But now that they are dominant, they want to censor those who oppose their views. They are making the argument that they have the right to censor “fake news.” The question is this: Who determines what fake news is?

In the guise of fighting “fake news,” the Social Media (Google, Facebook, Twitter, U-Tube) are now censoring news and beliefs that they do not like. For the past year they have been “shadow banning” those who do not subscribe to their own views. They have tried to deny this practice, but this week they have finally come out into the open by banning Alex Jones.


Since he has been very influential in the political realm, this is a highly visible move that proves that they have indeed been shadow banning in the past. In other words, they lied when they tried to deny their shadow banning.

Facebook denied shadow banning until July 16, when it was finally forced to admit it.


In spite of numerous complaints, Twitter denied shadow banning as late as July 27.


But now the Social Media censorship is out in the open and is undeniable. They have now shifted their position from “No, we don’t do it” to “We have a moral responsibility to do it.” Of course, they get to determine what is fake news and what is not, even though they are proven liars.

Freedom of speech must include the right to express unpopular views. Freedom of speech is not the right to speak things that we all agree is the correct view. Neither is truth that which official government agencies define as truth. Government officials long ago gave themselves the right to lie to the public, even while making it a crime for an ordinary person to lie to a government official such as the FBI.

I recall the 1960’s when Democrats were anti-establishment and were fighting the official government narrative in regard to the Vietnam war. Now the Democratic Party, with its propaganda arms in the Social Media, are defending the Deep State and its definition of “truth.” Times have changed!

Censoring Christianity

It is being reported that in the great Socialist State of California, Christians are now being banned from advertising on billboards.


After multiple complaints, including a “serious threat,” an advertising company removed a series of billboards depicting evangelist Greg Laurie holding a Bible.

The ads posted at a popular mall in Southern California promoted Laurie’s upcoming Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Aug. 17-19, reported CBN News….

After complaints, the Irvine Company required Harvest to remove the Bible from the artwork, and the evangelical ministry complied. But the change apparently didn’t stop the complaints, and the Irvine Company completely removed all the advertisements and billboards for the crusade, reported CBN.

In the guise of religious freedom, these people are now banning Christianity while at the same promoting other religions. The double standard and hypocrisy are evident, which also shows their real agenda. They are not promoting true freedom of religion. They are promoting freedom FROM Christianity.

This intolerance for anything that is Christian shows the hand of witchcraft and satanism that is behind these efforts. They are working to ban Christ Himself, so that His Kingdom can be averted. They will fail, of course, so I am not overly concerned about this. Nonetheless, we must recognize what is going on and understand the situation.

Most of all, we must understand the Scriptures and believe the law and the prophets who have foretold these things. It is also very helpful to know the laws of time and judgment on which Daniel’s prophecies are based. When we see that the rule of the beast empires is finished, we can have hope for the future.

There will be tribulation ahead, but its purpose will be to judge Mystery Babylon—not to judge true believers. We ought to expect conflict when God overthrows Babylon, but it is a conflict that the Babylonian army will lose. The wall of Babylon will fall, because it cannot withstand the will of God.

Stay on the winning side. Don't return evil for evil. Don't be afraid. Expect the Kingdom of God to win, because the battle has already been won in the heavens.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones