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Today Q goes mainstream

Aug 01, 2018

This morning I heard a report that the Q team has gone mainstream as of today, emerging from the shadows as the MSM no longer can ignore it.

Q later posted a lengthy list of MSM articles hysterically denouncing Q with many lies and distortions. These hit pieces put words into Q’s mouth that he never said, and the articles are mostly just full of name-calling in order to avoid answering the actual issues being discussed.

The hysteria is just a manifestation of fear and terror on their part. More and more it is evident to all that this is a media and information war. Or call it a propaganda war. The Deep State has controlled the narrative for the past century, and they do not like losing the war. But they are having as much difficulty fighting the internet as the Soviet Union had trying to fight the lowly fax machines back in the late 1980’s.

It was the fax machine that brought down the Soviet Union, because the Deep State there was unable to control the narrative. The real news was faxed everywhere, and by then everyone knew that the government-controlled media was fake news.

The loss of the information war is what brought down the Soviet Union.

The same is happening today in America, except that we now have better technology. Most people now have internet access and do not have to find someone who owns a fax machine.

We have said many times in the past that this downfall of Babylon involves the Media. It is no coincidence that the kingdoms of Media and Persia teamed up to overthrow ancient Babylon. We knew that this would ultimately be a media war, and so we suspected that the internet would become the main battleground in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon.

Here is an article that I wrote in 2009 about this:


It appears that today a new page was turned in the Babylonian war. The MSM can no longer ignore Q, and perhaps they will now ask the big question in the next White House press conference: “Who is Q?” The very fact that the MSM can no longer ignore it is a victory for Q and for all who are engaged in the overthrow of Babylon.

Anyway, I suspect that the rest of the uninformed world will now begin to hear about the Q posts. They will first hear about it in a negative context, of course, but a certain number of them will search it out further and discover for themselves that the posts have been early previews of coming events—especially if they listen to videos put out by analysts and researchers.

My favorite analyst is the Praying Medic. He was a medic in the military, and obviously also a believer and also seems to have a prophetic gift. I also like his low-key approach, because he is easy to listen to. If you have an hour, I recommend listening to his latest video here:


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