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The Trump Revolution explained by Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Aug 01, 2018

I have long suspected that Dr. Steve Pieczenik is part of the group of military and intelligence people who got together and organized the Trump revolution. In that he is an expert in the field of psyops and intelligence gathering, it seemed to me that he could have done a lot of this work in the background.

Finally, he has felt comfortable in coming forward to explain how and why this was done and why these people felt it was necessary to start this “Trump Revolution.”

Since “Q” is essentially a psyops operation, waging psychological warfare against the Deep State, I have wondered if perhaps Dr. Steve Pieczenik himself was writing the Q posts. Perhaps he is on the Q team. He does not admit doing this, but I consider it to be possible.

Dr. Pieczenik was interviewed by Owen Shroyer recently, where he revealed much of the plan dating back to the Twin Towers demolition on 9/11/01. He offers many tidbits of information that we did not know earlier.


It is clear that this is quite literally a second American Revolution that is overthrowing Mystery Babylon. The church as a whole is starting to wake up, but most Christians still do not really understand what is going on, because they think Mystery Babylon is a future kingdom and because many think it will be set up in Iraq, the old territory of Babylon.

It is only when we understand that we live at the end of the long captivity that we are able to understand what is happening around us. The good news is that soon the truth will be common knowledge, because when the captivity ends, the blindness is lifted as well.

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