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The president's meeting with black pastors (corrected link)

Aug 02, 2018


This meeting allowed black pastors from around the nation to speak about such issues as prison reform, helping released inmates get jobs and skills, the economy and jobs in general, and faith-based initiatives. They were all grateful to President Trump for what he has already done in these areas through his policies.

This video shows how Trump’s popularity among the black community is growing, now that they see what he has done for them and how it contrasts with the things left undone by the previous administrations.

Having taught the law of God, I have a great interest in prison reform. Actually, I don’t think prisons should be reformed. I think they should be abolished and replaced entirely with the justice system of the Kingdom of God. See my book, God’s Law on Restitution. But whatever we can do at the moment is appreciated.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones