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The latest Q post, and my week end road trip

Aug 09, 2018

It appears that the war between the two states of mind in America is about to heat up.

A few minutes ago Q posted this:

Previews are over.

This may be a reference to President Trump's declassification of the 20 redacted pages from the FISA documents that Nunes wants to be made public. It may have to do with the recent collusion between the Social media nephilim who all teamed up to attack Christians and conservatives at the same time. Perhaps it is one of many other possibilities. But it appears that the news could soon cause some loud screaming from those who prefer darkness to light and secrecy to transparency.

If this new twist comes this week end, I won't be able to report on it immediately, as I will be out of town on a teaching assignment. My sons will remain at home and will take care of the mail at the office as usual.

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