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The Deep State’s war against Q

Aug 13, 2018

On August 9, 2018 Q hinted in a post that things about to happen.

Previews are over.

It appears that the Deep State took this seriously. On Friday evening, August 10, 2018 an employee at SeaTac airport near Seattle, Washington stole a Q400 plane and flew it south, crashing it close to an hour later into Ketron Island located in Puget Sound.


I find this type of plane interesting.


First, Q posted the article, asking, “Do you believe in coincidences?” He apparently sees significance in the fact that it was a “Q” 400. It implies that this was some sort of symbolic gesture to send a threat to “Q” himself.

The news showed a military jet following the stolen plane, and so it is unclear if the jet shot down the Q400, or if it simply ran out of fuel, or if the inexperienced pilot simply crashed.

The type of plane is also interesting from my perspective.


(CNN)The Horizon Air plane stolen from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a Q400 Bombardier turboprop.

It holds a crew of two pilots and two flight attendants, and has 76 seats in the coach. The craft is designed for shorter distance flights.

The plane's typical cruise speed is 414 mph (667 kilometers per hour) and its maximum cruising altitude is 25,000 feet (7,620 meters). Its wingspan is 93 feet, 3 inches (28.4 meters).

What are the odds that this plane seats 76 and that its typical cruise speed is 414 mph?? Those numbers are highly significant from a prophetic standpoint, since 414 is a judgment number known as Cursed Time, and 76 is the number of cleansing from Cursed Time. When you add 76 to 414, you come to 490, or Blessed Time.

See my book, Secrets of Time.

Heavy Attack

Earlier on the same day on August 10, 2018 Q posted:

We are under HEAVY attack.
AB[C] took control.
Tripcode compromised.

This was followed a few minutes later with this:

We are under [extreme] heavy attack by [3] intel agencies [Foreign & Domestic].
We are in comm/coordination w/ necessary division(s).

The next day Q posted this:


That sounds like a counter-threat to me, especially since it was attached to the previous news regarding the Q400. So the Social Media war that erupted on August 1 is now taking to the skies and is being seen also in a cyberwar, as three intelligence agencies, including at least one here in America, is trying to hack Q’s anonymous and “secure” account on 8chan.

Q has had to change his tripcode on 8chan, taking steps to prevent being hacked. He has done this before.

Is Pedophilia about to be Revealed?

Q has posted articles in the past that expose various pedophiles. That is not new. But in the context of the recent uptick in the war behind the scenes, it seems likely that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is soon going to be ready to unseal some of the thousands of indictments and begin prosecuting the pedophilia rings in government and the news media.

Most recently, Q posted some of the messages on Twitter coming from Bill Maher, the anti-Trump, anti-Christian, anti-moral comedian who regularly frequents the late night comedy routines. His caption reads: “Sometimes the TRUTH is right in front of you.”


Note the movie production company called “Kid Love Productions,” which is closely associated with Bill Maher. It is so blatant that it actually is hidden right out in the open. Kid Love Productions is named for Pedophilia, showing its real purpose. It is obvious that they never thought Hillary would lose the election. They never thought they would lose control of the Justice Department, which has been protecting them all this time from prosecution.

On August 11, Q also posted images of many tweets from James Gunn, the actor. I won’t post them on this site, because his words are too immoral and vulgar. If you want to read them for yourself, go to post #1854 dated August 11, 2018 at www.qanon.app .

(My previous source of Q postings, www.qanon.pub , has had some problems, probably due to hackers. So I have switched to this one, which is virtually identical.)

No wonder NBC has posted a tweet telling people “how to delete old tweets before they come back to haunt you.”


NBC isn’t concerned about the activities of the pedophiles. They are only trying to protect them from their own stupidity for exposing themselves on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Antifa, the military arm of the Democratic Party, continues to promote the repeal of the first amendment to the US Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They have coordinated their attacks on anyone who does not follow their view of “truth,” as if the first amendment only applies to them. So immediately after Alex Jones organized a march in Portland for free speech, Antifa opposed them with much violence, even injuring a policeman. (For the record, I don’t particularly like Alex Jones. I certainly don’t like the anger he projects. However, the first amendment certainly applies to him as much as anyone.)

Here is the logo/banner of Antifa. See how similar it is to the logo of the Communist Party in Germany in 1933. All they did was to change the direction of the two flags, give it two colors instead of one, and translate it into English.


Today Q posted the above logos and asked these questions:

Who controls the FAKE NEWS?
Why is ANTIFA allowed to incite violence, wear masks, make threats, use/carry weapons, and physically harm others who oppose their ideology?
Why does ANTIFA attempt to “justify” such violence by labeling the “challenger” as ALT-RIGHT or NAZI?
Why doesn’t the LEFT condone such acts of violence and call for an immediate end?
Define “Projection”.

In other words, Q is suggesting that ANTIFA is projecting their own character upon those who oppose them. Antifa is violent, so they claim that their enemies are violent. Antifa is either Nazi or Communist—it doesn’t matter which, since both lead to total control and suppression of right—so they accuse their enemies of being Fascist. (Antifa supposedly means “Anti-Fascist.”)

I might add that the so-called “alt-right” has no banners that carry on the tradition of Fascism. It is only Antifa that is carrying the Communist banner from 1933. They are trying to turn this into a classic confrontation between the Nazis and the Communists. That is why Q questions the meaning of “Projection.”

Lastly, Q posts a quotation from Napoleon to show that the Deep State is in the process of destroying itself and exposing itself. He says on August 11,

“Never interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

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