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Notes on the Burning Man Prayer Campaign

Aug 24, 2018

We had a swarm of spiritual activity yesterday afternoon with high-level demonic princes coming in from around the world. We had no difficulty dealing with them, of course, but it did take a lot of time and effort.

This morning, John Schaenzer came to my office to share and to ask some questions in regard to the Anoka Project, which I have participated in for the past two years. Recall that the town of Anoka is a northern suburb of Minneapolis and is known officially as the “Halloween Capital of the World.” It is full of witchcraft, complete with shops openly selling satanic items, although since we started our Anoka Project, we have seen a number of those shops go under.

In our context, Anoka is the head of the snake that we have been encountering for some years. This “head” is just now being exposed so that we can see it and understand it for what it is. Sean has been doing prayer work along the Mississippi River for a long time, and we now understand the river to be a type of the body of the snake. A couple of weeks ago Sean was led to pray at a dam on the river at the south border of Anoka, not far from my house. This location was like the neck of the snake, if we consider Anoka to be its head.

It seems that we are closing in on this spiritual snake. The worst thing about religious spirits is that that they bring witchcraft and satanism into the church.

Because Anoka is such a satanic hub, it is a magnet for high-level spirits from around the world. They come to town, not realizing that it is a trap. They are drawn blindly, because this gives us opportunity to deal with those spirits, and this indirectly undermines the satanic activities in foreign countries. Every spirit that is captured and bound reduces the level of evil power in the places where they came from.

Yesterday we mostly bound various types of religious spirits, mostly from Central and South America, but also one who came in from the Middle East. I don’t want to say much more than that, but we became aware that this work is having an international effect, not just local.

All of this is preparatory to the Burning Man Prayer Campaign that is scheduled to begin Sunday evening, August 26. I am planning to write a model prayer for those who are led to participate in this week-long prayer campaign.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones