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News from the Battle Front

Aug 03, 2018

The Democrats always denied the possibility of hacking the elections (voting machines) until they lost the 2016 election. Then they explained the loss in terms of Russian hacking and interference. Yes, of course, the voting machines were being hacked, though not by the Russians. They were being hacked by the Deep State to ensure the election of their own chosen candidate.

I believe Trump knows this, but rather than deny the Russian hackers narrative, he is using it as an excuse to secure the integrity of the voting machines and the election process in general. Elections have been rigged for a very long time with dead people voting, and (more recently) non-citizens and illegal aliens being allowed to vote.

I remember in the late 1960’s hearing reports about all the dead people voting in mafia-controlled Chicago. Voter fraud is nothing new, and it was only made worse by switching from paper ballots to electronic voter machines. So Q asks in post 1803 today:

How do you safeguard the integrity of our elections from domestic & foreign criminal actors?
How do you utilize the Russia Russia narrative to knock out decades old election corruption?

He then posts some articles, including this one, showing how President Trump plans to strengthen election security


I suspect that the only reason Trump won the 2016 election is because his backers were able to prevent voter fraud at the polls. That is the real reason why his win was “unexpected.” There is no way to put a stop to all election fraud, but going back to paper ballots would be a good start. Barring that, the use of blockchain technology might be the only way to ensure honesty.

The Battle Heats Up

Trump haters have been advocating a lot of violence in the past year. There have been quite a few assassination plots (and attempts) on his life and the life of his family. The latest was reported at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania last evening, where a man from Oklahoma brought a loaded gun (hidden). A woman somehow spotted it and reported it. The man was hauled off by the Secret Service.

Of course, the MSM blames the Trump supporters for being the violent ones! This is a well-known tactic. Blame the other guy for doing what you are doing! Or tell everyone, “he made me do it!” Or “We were just defending ourselves!”

This war is very real. All of the anti-Trump hysteria coming from the MSM is stirring up a lot of violence. But on what grounds? Trump has already done more to promote world peace than any other president in recent history, and his first term isn’t even half finished. The Deep State’s lackeys love to pretend that they desire world peace, when in fact they have done everything they can to stir up trouble.

On April 18, 2018, the Daily Mail reported comments from James Comey, former director of the FBI, who admitted that the Deep State actually exists. Of course, he insists that it is good and that it works for the interests of the American people. That is his opinion.

James Comey Admits the Existence of the Deep State

James Comey has admitted that there is a deep state but claimed that it was actually a 'deep ballast' against corruption.

The fired FBI director said there is a group of people in law enforcement, intelligence and the military who work for what they see as the interests of America.

Comey described the group as 'unchangeable' and said no single president could change them because they are so embedded in the bureaucracy.

He said the group was not a 'deep state conspiring against the elected leadership of our government' because they were trying to do the right thing.

Comey made the admission on the first day of his nationwide book tour to promote his memoir, 'A Higher Loyalty', which sharply criticizes Donald Trump.


In my view, there are two Deep States. There are many good people and many bad people who have been working for the Deep State. There is now a division between them, and this is what has resulted in the election of Donald Trump. Trump was supported by a faction in the intelligence community that essentially revolted against the Deep State. In that this new faction remains secretive, it is an alternate Deep State, so to speak.

The civil war between them is evident in the political battle that is ongoing today. James Comey is hardly a model of virtue, and I seriously doubt his claim that the Deep State that he identified with was a “deep ballast against corruption.” If his claims were true, he would be advocating the unredacted release of the FISA documents to prove the good intentions of the Deep State.

But Congressman Nunes, who has actually read the full unredacted memo, tells us that the redactions were mostly to hide the corruption within the FBI. The redactions have little or nothing to do with protecting national security, but with protecting the corrupt officials from being exposed to the American people.

So it will be interesting to see how this story plays out in the next few months.

War and Peace

The MSM has tried to undermine peace in Syria, with North Korea, with Russia, and now with Iran as well. The Democrats understandably do not want Trump to get any credit, but the Deep State actually wants to maintain a state of war (or cold war) in order to rule the world by fear.

Trump knows this, so his strategy is to speak one thing and do another. He talks tough and appears to be picking a fight, but behind the scenes, he is making peace. The tactic is not only directed at the other countries. It is also designed to placate the advocates of war here in America. Right now it looks like he is picking a fight with Iran, but given Trump’s past record, along with reports trickling out, there are serious peace talks already in the works.

Iran is an interesting case to me, because Iran is Persia, the nation that overthrew Babylon in ancient times. For the past 40 years I have watched Iran with this in mind. My belief has been that Iran would be instrumental in overthrowing Mystery Babylon in our time. I told an Iranian friend in 1991 that I believed Iran had this calling and destiny.

All of this talk about Iran being our enemy should be understood to mean that the governments are at war. Individual citizens of each nation are caught up in this war only if they side with the official government narrative. But I have talked to people who have been to Iran, and they assure me that Iranians themselves love the American people.

Unfortunately, governments always have enough money to hire paid actors to demonstrate in the streets, giving the impression that the people always believe what the governments say. Yet we are living in a time where more and more people are skeptical of official government reports. Fewer and fewer people believe the MSM either. The people are waking up to the fact that their real enemy is much closer to home and that they have been manipulated by powerful secret rulers who are using ordinary people to secure more power and money.

We need to Just Say No.

Watch for a False Flag

Traditionally, whenever the Deep State wants to force some action in congress or to manipulate the people themselves, they initiate a “false flag” event. A false flag event has been used to start nearly every war in the past century. Here are some that governments now admit to doing:


The Deep State in America today is in serious trouble, so I have no doubt that it is considering a major false flag event soon (before the midterm elections in November). Whether or not they are able to pull it off is another matter, of course, but history shows that it is almost impossible to stop such things.

The danger is real, so we must always be led by the Spirit and pray for protection. The shield of faith is our best protection from fiery darts in the world and in the spirit. Above all, do not rely upon the shield of fear, as most people do. There are plenty of people out there who think that fearmongering is the best way to protect the people. Don’t replace faith with fear.

Finally, if you want to listen to the latest Q (or QAnon) update, Praying Medic has posted a very good video here:


As usual, keep in mind the biblical context of this battle. We are watching the battle to overthrow Mystery Babylon in preparation for the Kingdom of God to emerge from within our hearts into the world of nations and governments. We are watching to see how prophecy is fulfilled, and that is why it is important to watch current events.

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