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Livestream Saturday, and other news (revised)

Aug 23, 2018

We are planning to have a livestream discussion on Saturday, August 25, at 2 p.m. CST. Its main purpose will be to discuss the Bible School that we are planning to set up, but it is probably inevitable that we will cover some other topics as well.

Watch for further information in the next day or two that will give you the link for easy access.

Book Projects Being Completed

Now that I have finished the series on First and Second Corinthians, I am much closer to finishing up the past writing projects and can begin to think in terms of videos and livestreams. I have also finished polishing my commentary on First John, and it is now in the proofing stage.

My series on God’s Labor Laws is now finished as well, insofar as the weblogs are concerned. I have formatted these into a small book (42 pages at this stage), but it will take a while to polish this so that it can be sent to the proofers.

The FFI series on Amos should be completed (I think) with the October issue, and then I can put that into book form as well.

Burning Man Prayer Campaign

My “notice” to Molech, posted August 15 has really stirred up the hornets’ nest.


The Angel of Support was released the same day.

The date also marked the 70th anniversary of the division of Korea into North and South. North Korea itself was established formally on September 9, 1948.

As a reminder, the prayer campaign itself begins this Sunday, August 26, at 7:22 p.m. CST.

There has been a flurry of activity lately, and this has already resulted in a steady stream of battles (“skirmishes”) in preparation for the coming prayer campaign. The enemy is probing for weaknesses but finding that they just lose their own assets when they try this. Fortunately, we (the local team) have good discernment and either can see them coming or hear from our Father when to expect them.

This has become nearly a daily occurrence, so it keeps us quite busy and takes up a lot of my time. It can also be a lot of work, accompanied by some pain and trauma. This stuff is very real and “in the world” as these entities attack us. So please continue to be in prayer for us. It is really nice that we have developed a team of people who can hear and discern the problems and can then deal with them. It used to be that I would have to do all the work myself.

Today, of course, is the 70th anniversary of the formation of the World Council of Churches in 1948. I’m not sure if any specific event will mark the date, but we are watching.

The Turkey Conflict

In Trump’s war to take down the Deep State, he cannot just eliminate past alliances or put an end to some long-term policies. So he has embraced some of these bad long-term policies and is using them to destroy elements of the Deep State.

Most notable is the policy of weaponizing the US dollar by sanctioning countries and not allowing them to transfer money through the SWIFT system of online payments. He knows that weaponizing the US dollar will make other countries develop an alternate system—and this has already been done. China has already developed the CIPS system as an alternative.

But as Trump imposes sanctions on Iran, Russia, and now Turkey, it is clear to all nations that the sanctions policy is getting out of hand. (And let’s not forget about Venezuela.) Every nation is uneasy about this. Trump is literally pushing whole nations into the alternative system. Even Trump’s threats to the EU over trade with Iran and the oil pipeline from Russia is driving a wedge between us, forcing nations like Germany to shift their alliance to the Russia-China-Iran axis.

The side effect is that NATO is being undermined, not directly, but indirectly. Trump’s enemies might complain about the policies, but their complaints are muted because past presidents who were beholden to the Deep State invented that policy. So Trump is now using it against them to destroy the cabal-controlled US-EU alliance and to break up NATO.

The latest round is the sanctions on Turkey, using the arrested pastor as the excuse. The cause may be noble to Christians, but if we sanctioned every country that persecuted Christians, we would have few friends in the world. It is more important to analyze how presidents pick and choose which issues they want to use and which countries they wish to sanction.

Turkey is an important NATO member. It has long applied for EU membership, but so far has been rejected. Not long ago, Erdogan had a temper tantrum and punished the EU by allowing millions of immigrants to flood Europe. It was not difficult, since many Greek islands lie close to the Turkish mainland.

A few years ago, when the US State Department under Hillary Clinton sent Victoria Nuland to Ukraine with $5 billion to overthrow the pro-Russian government in a coup, the result was that oil and gas pipelines from Russia to Europe were shut down. Russia then made a deal with Turkey to bypass Ukraine. Another pipeline is being built in the Baltic Sea into Germany.

Trump’s sanctions on Turkey are pushing Turkey out of Europe and into a closer alliance with Russia. The Deep State knows what Trump is doing, but because Trump is also sanctioning Russia, it is hard for them to make the case against him. The policy is too far-sighted to prove that Trump and Putin are working together, mostly because it looks like the opposite is true. The Deep State has been Trumped.

Possible Banking Collapse

Turkey’s currency has been in a state of collapse for the past year. Its value has been cut in half, and Turkey has had to sell half of its USD reserves to try to prevent total collapse. At the end of last year Turkey had 500 tons of gold. Now they have just 200 tons.

The problem is that Turkey has a lot of foreign debt, and 1/3 of it is denominated in US dollars. To denominate debt in someone else’s currency is what McAlvaney called “the original sin,” because you lose control of the situation. In this case the US has tremendous leverage on Turkey just by increasing the value of the dollar and crashing the value of the lira. And Trump has declared a currency war on Turkey.

So when those debts come due, Turkey has to buy dollars with its own lira in order to pay its debt. But in the last year, buying dollars costs twice as much lira. This means Turkey’s US-denominated debts have doubled. This could be the setup for the biggest default in history.

Turkey owes Spanish banks $83.3 billion. Recall that the same Spanish banks have had to be sold or bailed out in recent years. Those banks are already on the brink of disaster. If Turkey defaults, the Spanish banks can hardly survive. French and Italian banks are also exposed to the Turkish situation, though not as much. Yet a Turkish default would probably push some of the weakest Italian banks into bankruptcy.

Any large bank going bankrupt would affect other banks, since this is a very contagious financial disease. Remember how the Lehman Brothers collapse in September 2008 nearly brought down the entire world financial system. The Babylonian system was saved at that time by the US taxpayer bailout, but the danger we are now facing is exponentially larger. If Turkey defaults, who will bail them out?

Essentially, Trump’s currency war is solidifying the alliance between Turkey and Russia. But if European banks begin to fail, it will undermine the EU itself and put a lot of pressure on the NATO alliance. I have no doubt that Trump understands this, so my conclusion is that he is doing this deliberately in order to achieve a more far-reaching goal. That goal is to take back America from the Deep State and from the Babylonians who rule the world mainly through the banking system. That process could be somewhat painful, but it must be done to force the world into a new paradigm.

The Fall of Luciferianism

It is now also apparent that the fall of Babylon will also mark the fall of Luciferianism, which the Masonic Order has been pushing on us for the past two centuries. Albert Pike, an avowed Luciferian, was the key leader of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the last half of the 19th century. He planned for 3 world wars, the last of which would cause great disillusionment among Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and create a spiritual vacuum that the Luciferians could fill.

The plan worked, insofar as the first two wars were concerned. I believe that the US policy of destabilizing the Mideast after 911 was designed to bring about the third world war. It worked up to a point. But then Trump was elected, and he messed up the Pike Plan, causing it to fail.

I should say too that Putin was the first to take practical steps to destroy the Pike Plan when he began to destroy ISIS in late 2015. Syria was really the final battleground in this plan, and it very nearly worked. But the tide has turned, and now the Deep State is fighting for its life. Brennan is crying in his beer. Mueller is trying desperately to find something that can be used as an excuse to impeach Trump. Rosenstein is fighting hard to keep the Deep State’s crimes from being revealed to the American public.

Things are starting to get interesting. But overall, let us always be aware that God has never lost control of the situation, and that He intends to win. God always gets His way, even if it appears that He is losing. The long night of tribulation since the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. has ended, and the judgments of God are now aimed at the Babylonians.

We have nothing to fear and everything to gain, regardless of the plans of men and nations. The Kingdom is about to get a whole new breath of fresh air as the gods of Babylon fall one by one.

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