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Deep State Socialism vs. Trump

Aug 28, 2018

Q has posted this news link today, showing a news report about the FBI paying Christopher Steele, the British spy, for putting together the fake anti-Trump dossier. Steele was getting paid by Fusion GPS and by the Hillary campaign as well. And who knows how much money President Obama gave to Victoria Nuland out of taxpayer money to facilitate this and to pay for travel expenses, etc.


Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has said on the record that this entire dossier scandal was done at the orders of Barack Obama. He has also said “that John Brennan guy is a little nuts.”


Clapper once accused Trump of treason, but apparently, he now knows who is going to win this political/legal battle and is trying to move toward the winning side. He recently shocked CNN’s Anderson Cooper (a CIA journalist who is an Operation Mockingbird recruit), by telling him in a televised interview that President Obama was responsible for this investigation:

Clapper added that “if it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today — notably, special counsel Mueller’s investigation."


The government agencies under past presidents have truly been politicized and weaponized. Yet when any of these Deep State agents are fired for perjury or for other serious crimes, they claim that Trump has weaponized the agencies!

That’s a bit like John Brennan threatening to sue Trump for taking away his favorite toy—his security clearance—even though he has lied more than once to Congress. Trump has the authority to remove anyone’s security clearance, and he does not have to give a reason for his actions.

Trump’s response to Brennan’s threat: “Go ahead; make my day.” Trump would love to put all of Brennan’s crimes on the public record in a court of law!

Nazis and Communists

In post #1940 (probably a veiled reference to the date of 1940 and WW2), Q posts a couple of short videos from the movie, The Sum of All Fears, and then comments on Naziism.

Was ‘Nazism’ ever truly destroyed?
Was it merely a sub-division within a larger organization?
One finger attached to a hand?
Did ANTIFA organically form?
Flag design coincidence?
Socialist push in US/WW coincidence?
Global power struggle.
There is a price we will not pay.
There is a point beyond which they must not advance.

The Sum of All Fears is a Tom Clancy novel, which was later made into a movie. Tom Clancy, of course, co-authored books with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who has a short weekly post online. He worked for the CIA for many years as a psychiatrist and expert on psychological operations. So he was uniquely qualified to write spy novels. Last month in an interview on Infowars, he practically admitted to being part of the Q team.


I think that Q’s many references to the Tom Clancy novels is further evidence of this connection.

Q’s statements and questions above suggest that the Nazi movement was part of a bigger organization that supported both sides of the war in order to destroy Europe and put everyone into debt to the international banks. He suggests that the Nazi movement was never really destroyed. In other words, the main players escaped and infiltrated other organizations in order to work through new “host” organizations.

The Downfall of Socialism

I have written in the past that in past decades, the Communists have worked through the Democratic Party, and the Nazis have worked through the Republican Party in America. This has now changed since the election of Donald Trump. Now the leaders of both parties have joined forces and have been working against Trump where possible. Senator John McCain (Rep-AZ) is a good example of this, along with Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House.

Q continues by suggesting that the Nazi party was just “one finger attached to a hand.” Then Q gives ANTIFA as an example of the Communist “finger” (on the same hand). The ANTIFA flag itself is just a slightly modified version of the flag used by the 1933 paramilitary wing of the Communist Party.

“Flag design coincidence?” Q asks.

“Socialist push in US/WW coincidence?” Q asks again.

One thing that Trump has done is to force the Socialists to speed up their timetable. They have been moving America toward Socialism (i.e., Communism) for decades, but they have had to do so slowly so as not to awaken the people. Trump’s election has forced them to put forth their Socialist candidates immediately—too soon—in a desperate attempt to regain control before they lose it altogether.

Bernie Sanders was a known Socialist, but Hillary stole the nomination from him. Now we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the Democratic (Socialist) Party’s rising star, pushing Socialist values as if the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) had never become a failed state.


Apparently, a lot of people do not realize that Communism itself has always been just a theoretical goal. There are no Communist countries. There are only Socialist countries that claim to be working their way toward Communism. The practical path to Communism has been Socialism. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990's, the mainstream media proclaimed that Communism had been fully discredited. The fact is, it was a collapse of Socialism, not Communism. If the people had been properly informed, they would have seen that Socialism is a failed ideology.

Communism’s stated goal is to bring about a community of people who are so generous and good that they need no government at all. But to get there, Socialism is a form of government that forces people to be generous. In other words, the government steals from those who labor (through high taxation) and gives it to those who do not (or cannot) work. Such theft creates resentment among the workers themselves, and so Socialism requires a totalitarian form of government in order to keep the people from revolting.

The Soviet Union lasted just 70 years. European Socialism is still ongoing, but American Socialism has lagged behind Europe, partly because too many Americans were informed and too many Americans still had weapons in the house to defend themselves against big government.

Is Iran’s President about to be Impeached?

Today, in post #1942, Q changes the topic, saying,

Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.

Rouhani is Iran’s current president. If Q knows what is going on behind the scenes, we should expect to see a major event in Iran shortly. Trump’s sanctions are really destroying Iran’s economy, causing the average people in Iran to become dissatisfied with Rouhani. Ironically, Iran’s president is in danger of being impeached by parliament!


As we move into the new year (Feast of Trumpets, September 10), it appears that momentous events even now are looming on the horizon. Being informed will be helpful in understanding what is happening around us. If we know who the players are in the conflicts, it will be harder to manipulate us into supporting Mystery Babylon as it struggles to stay in power.

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