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Aug 21, 2018

Burning Man Prayer Campaign

This is a reminder that our prayer campaign is scheduled to begin on Sunday, August 26, ending the following Saturday evening, September 1. The purpose of this prayer campaign has much to do with child sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse, which is far more common than most people realize.

If you recall from Brother Vinnie’s report, which I posted on August 16, their baby was burned with hot water just before they left on their trip to Italy. That took place in Burnaby (Burn-a-baby), B.C. That event was an “accident,” as men would view it, but we see this as a spiritual attack upon one of us. This is what has given us lawful cause to engage in this prayer campaign.

I received two “snake” reports yesterday which also give us some insights in this campaign. Both reports came from different men named John. Coincidences are God’s fingerprints. One was a dream and the other was a real-life encounter with a King Snake (Nachash). In both cases, the snake was invading their property—or perhaps spying on us, trying to spot weaknesses. More legal cause.

I believe that these are both connected to the coming prayer campaign, giving us insights about what we are up against and how we are to deal with the serpent in the garden (Nachash).

I strongly suspect that this prayer campaign will prepare the way for political events and judicial prosecutions/exposures in the near future.

The Latest Q Reports

Q has often told us to “enjoy the show,” picturing events in Washington as a movie. On August 19, 2018 Q told us that what was now coming was a Trilogy, a series of three. His statement was very long, making it difficult to read without careful analysis. I will add to it just a bit in order to clarify it and also break it up a bit for easier reading. You can look up his original post #1927 here:



MOVIE1 [Full]: The ‘START’

PLOT: How the intelligence apparatus, State Dept. and Dept. of “Justice” of the United States,

In joint effort with our (x) primary foreign allies plus other covert assets, as directed by HUSSEIN [Obama in the White House] in coordination with Hillary Clinton,

Colluded and conspired to RIG THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2016 in an effort to install HRC, frame POTUS (by projecting her own crimes of collusion on Donald Trump),





Coming SOON to a theater near you.

MOVIE 2—Coming this FALL.

Movie—TBA (To Be Announced).

Enjoy the show.

[End of post]


In other words, Q is saying that the real “collusion” with Russia was conducted by Bill and Hillary Clinton, although the present case that Mueller is supposed to be investigating was actually collusion between the Clinton campaign and the British spy agency through Christopher Steele. Clinton is projecting her own guilt on Trump.

For a broader summary of this corrupt plot since the year 2001, see this:


The very people who are now investigating and opposing President Trump are the ones who were all in on the Clinton corruption since 2001. They have everything to lose with a Trump presidency, and so they are doing all they can to find a way to charge him with their own sins. The problem is that Mueller has been investigating for nearly two years now, and the best he can come up with is Stormy Daniels.

On August 1, the mainstream news media all got the same “talking points” at 4 a.m. from their bosses to run an attack on Q. Talk about collusion! And they claim to be a “free press!” No press is truly free. Every media company is owned by someone who has an agenda. The only thing “free” about the “free press” is that each media company is free to publish its own viewpoint, bias, or agenda.

Real journalism ended with the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird program that was established back in the 1950’s and exposed in the 1960’s. The CIA supposedly ended its propaganda effort when it was exposed, but the program simply went underground. You can read about it here:


Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Last October, we held our Tabernacles conference at a theater-turned-church in Cloquet, Minnesota. Cloquet is just 20 miles from Ron’s home town, and the Father gave a word to him back in the 1990’s: “Watch for coming attractions to a theater near you.” Well, Q has been posting similar statements for months, including the recent post (above). I believe that all of our conferences prophesy of things to come, which is why we are led to hold those conferences at specific places that the Father provides.

In this case, the Cloquet conference was held on October 13-15, 2017 just before Q began posting on October 27. We have been watching the “coming attractions” ever since then.

It truly has been a drama, and Washington DC is the big stage. It appears that the plan is to set up a 3-act play or a movie trilogy. It is not clear what will come first, but I suspect that as documents are declassified and released, it will become clear who was really colluding with the Russians and the British to rig the elections. When that happens, the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump will fall apart, and the REAL investigation will begin.

As things progress, the Satanist influence behind many politicians, bankers, and other influential people will be exposed more and more. But it seems to me that this will be exposed in the aftermath of political scandals. I suspect that this will be seen in the third part of the trilogy.

Military Tribunals

Corruption on such a massive level is so entrenched and so powerful that it cannot be dealt with properly in ordinary courts of law. There are too many corrupt judges, and those who are honest would also have their lives threatened, along with the lives of their families. For this reason, President Trump has been preparing for military tribunals, as this is the only feasible way to fight such massive corruption among so many powerful people.

On December 21, 2017 Trump signed an Executive Order allowing confiscation of property by those guilty of human trafficking and “corruption” (in general). This EO also declared martial law, so that it could be enforced by the military, rather than relying on the public court system.


In March he revised the Military Code of Justice to prepare for military tribunals.


He has also been building more housing for prisoners at Guantanamo.


All of this has been going on while Trump replaces corrupt officials in the government agencies. On November 7, 2017 John Huber of Utah was given the authority by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin investigating all of this human trafficking. He has more than 470 lawyers and judges working under him now. There is truly a lot going on behind the scenes.

Sessions has been very busy, and more than 45,000 sealed indictments have been written up in preparation for the day that the first movie of the trilogy begins. Some have already been unsealed and people arrested who have been involved in human trafficking. Thousands have already been arrested. These arrests have been reported, but the media has not focused upon these, preferring to put Trump into its headlines with negative stories.

John Brennan

One of the keys, I believe, is former CIA director John Brennan, who appears to be leading the sedition against the president. He has accused Trump of being a traitor for meeting with Putin privately. Many presidents have met with Putin privately, including Presidents Bush and Obama. I suspect that Brennan was just following the same script of accusing Trump of the things that he himself is guilty of doing.

When Trump took away his security clearance last week, he was infuriated, although there is no reason for him to even have a security clearance any more. He holds no position in government and is now just a “director of branding and programming” for the Cox Media Group.


He is now an analyst for NBC and MSNBC news. Security clearances are not rights. But the president has every right to revoke security clearances. Brennan is threatening to sue Trump, but Trump is saying, “Go ahead; make my day.” Trump would love to put his reasons on the official record in a court of law, as this would show that Brennan is guilty of sedition and treason, as well as incompetence and “erratic behavior.”

The Bottom Line

I suspect that the coming prayer campaign is going to shake some things loose in the spiritual realm and undermine the spiritual power that has kept some very bad people from being exposed for a long time. I have seen many times over the years how spiritual warfare tends to uncover and expose evil men, so that they fall from power and are sometimes prosecuted for their crimes.

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