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Corinthians Books now available

Aug 21, 2018

The series on First and Second Corinthians are finally in print.

There are four books on First Corinthians and one book on Second Corinthians.

1-Corinthians-Combined-Covers.png  2-Corinthians-Spiral-Cover.png

First Corinthians, Epistle of Sanctification (4 Books)

Second Corinthians, Apostolic Authority

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You may also request them by email at:

Godskingdom888 [@] gmail.com (of course, remember to take out the brackets to get the live address. This has been formatted to protect against bots)

They are $15 each, and you may pay for them through a PayPal donation, putting a note in the box or just let me know in the email so we can correlate your request with the “donation.”

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