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Coincidences mount as Senator John McCain passes

Aug 27, 2018

It is being reported that Senator John McCain of Arizona died of brain cancer at 4:28 pm, Saturday, August 25. He was 81. There are a number of strange coincidences, however, making me wonder if there is more to the story than meets the eye.


Sen. John McCain died exactly nine years after his friend Sen. Ted Kennedy — and of exactly the same thing.

Kennedy, a Democrat, passed away Aug. 25, 2009 at age 77, after a battle with glioblastoma — the same rare type of brain cancer afflicting McCain, who died Saturday at age 81.

This in itself seems strange but not out of the realm of possibility. It may also be just a coincidence that McCain died on the evening before the National Day of the Dog, August 26.


What does that have to do with McCain?

On June 30, someone posted a comment/inquiry which Q answered in post 1649.


“Please do not let No Name [i.e., John McCain] off the hook. He is a disgrace to Veterans across this great country and needs to be held accountable.”

During the last election, McCain refused to speak Trump’s name. So Q always refers to McCain either as “No Name” or “We don’t say his name.” The anon above was referring to McCain past military record, which is very controversial. If interested, here is one site that speaks of this:


Q’s response to the comment above was:

No Name action.
Every dog has its day.
Enjoy the show.

Is it just a coincidence that McCain died on the eve of National Dog Day?

On February 11, 2018, Q posted a picture of McCain meeting with the leaders of ISIS. This is just one of many photos, which Q has posted in past months. John Brennan fumed and accused President Trump of treason when he met in private with Putin recently, but he said nothing when John McCain met with the leaders of ISIS. Obviously, ISIS was a creation of the CIA, just as Hamas was a creation of the Israeli Shin Bet. (You can find all that information online.)

Here is the picture of McCain with the ISIS leaders (from Post #732):


Under this picture, Q commented:

We don’t say his name returning to prime time.
Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare up.
“He’s not a war hero.”
He’s a mega millionaire.
[Not complete].
Define money laundering.
Define the word ‘Traitor’.
A world w/o this man is a world better off.

From the above post, we can see Q’s skepticism about McCain’s illness, which he seemed to develop the day that he was given an ankle bracelet (tracking device) last year. I don’t know how many of you saw his “boot,” which he said was from injuring his ankle. The problem was that his injured ankle kept shifting from the left to the right side.


So which ankle did he injure? This made a lot of people quite suspicious. This obvious fake ankle injury also made people skeptical about his subsequent “brain tumor,” and people began to speculate that this was part of a plan for him to fake his death in order to avoid prosecution for his long history of criminal activity. He would have been arrested in 1976, along with many others, had not the investigative reporter, Don Bolles, been assassinated mafia-style with a car bombing while on his way to pick up the dossier of evidence.


It is reported that McCain’s connections to known mafia families made him a fortune.


There is too much to report here, but the point is that Q (in the earlier post) was hinting that the McCain Institute was used for money laundering, and its list of donors (Saudi Arabia, Clintons, etc.) was to gain influence in the US government.

Q posted about McCain again on April 4 in post #1022:

We don’t say his name.
The protected flow into AZ is no more
Under the cover of his health, he will not be seeking another term.

Here again Q hinted that McCain’s health was just a “cover” for dropping out of politics.

On July 25, 2018 Q posted the picture below at precisely 18:28:35 EST (military time). If Arizona had been on Daylight Savings Time, it would have been 4:28 pm. But Arizona does not change the time, so it was 3:28 pm. (Perhaps Q forgot that Arizona did not go on Daylight Savings Time!) This picture, showing McCain in a “surrender” pose, was posted precisely 30 days before McCain actually died (4:28 pm on August 25, 2018).


So also, after McCain died, Q posted the next day:

Suicide weekend?
Hands up?
We are in control.
BIG week ahead.

The “30” no doubt refers to Q’s post 30 days earlier when he posted the picture of McCain in a surrender pose. (However, since July has 31 days, the time is actually 31 days.) Likewise, his question, “Hands up?” identifies this post with the McCain photo. But he suggests that it was a “suicide” of sorts. In other words, it was a planned “death,” scheduled for that day by some prior agreement that Q knew about 30 days in advance.

In other words, McCain’s death was planned to coincide with the anniversary of Ted Kennedy’s death as well as the National Dog Day. His announced death at 4:28 pm, coming precisely 31 days after Q’s post on July 25, is astounding, to say the least.

Impossible? Q asks.

Coincidence? Q asks.

Is Q an amazing prophet? I ask.

I think it is more likely that Q is not a prophet but that he knew that it was planned in advance that McCain was going to “die” on August 25, and that his “death” would be official at 4:28 pm.

My guess is that he made a plea deal with the Justice Department, allowing him to “die with dignity” without being dragged into court when the DOJ begins unsealing the 45,000 sealed indictments. I don’t think the DOJ would allow McCain to live out his days on a luxurious Paradise Island in the Caribbean.

As I see it, there are two main possibilities. The first possibility is that he was taken to Guantanamo to face military justice. The second possibility is that he was allowed to commit suicide in the old Roman tradition, rather than face trial. McCain will receive the usual honors at the capital. Although Vice President Pence will be invited to the funeral, President Trump has been told to stay away.


I have heard that McCain’s casket will be closed. I have not heard anything official about this, but if those reports are false, it is not difficult to create a wax image—a little expensive, of course, but not difficult. It has been done many times in the past.

Finally, it seems more than coincidental that this would occur just before our prayer campaign was to begin. Is it a time marker in some way? That would depend largely on the significance of McCain’s “death.” I suspect that more information may come out in the future, but I think little or nothing will be revealed until after the funeral. If some plea bargain has been made with the DOJ, then we may have to wait 50 years for the secrets to be revealed.

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