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Burning Man linked to the Hungry Ghost festival

Aug 24, 2018

It appears that our Burning Man prayer campaign coincides with another festival in the Far East called the Hungry Ghost festival. It seems to have similarities to Halloween, and this gives us the direct link to Anoka, the Halloween Capital of the World.

Some of you may remember my friend Chai, from Singapore, who was baptized a couple of years ago at a Branson conference. This morning he sent me this email. (Be sure to look at the link, which explains the festival more completely.):

Dear Dr Jones, 

Regarding the prayer campaign above, I just like to point out to you that this year's burning man festival starting date coincides with the ghost festival kept by the taoist / Buddhist Chinese all over the world. Each year on the 15th day of the 7th lunar calendar month, Chinese will burn incense, paper effigy, offer food to the hungry spirits. It is said that the gates of hell will be opened this night each year for the spirits to enter the living realm to roam freely. 


Hence, our prayer campaign may not only be directed to the burning man festival in Nevada, but may have effect on the spirit worship by worldwide taoist / Buddhist Chinese as well. Just my thoughts that I think you like to be aware of. 

Best regards, 



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