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Actor Cory Feldman exposes Hollywood’s pedophilia culture

Aug 01, 2018


Cory Feldman has been trying to expose the pedophilia in Hollywood for many years. He himself was one of many victims as a child actor.

Since the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, the “Me Too” movement has been spreading, and it is only a matter of time before Hollywood is fully exposed. Hollywood has long been a tool of the Babylonian system, a symptom of captivity. The swamp is starting to be drained.

By the way, Washington D.C. was originally built upon a swamp. That is where this metaphor originated. The swamp was drained to build our nation’s capital, and now the swamp is being drained again to rebuild a new order—ultimately to build the Kingdom of God, although most do not realize this yet.

Hollywood is another swamp being drained.

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Category: Corruption
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones