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Trump's most dangerous trip

Jul 12, 2018

No, President Trump is not planning a trip to Iran or Syria. He just landed in the UK.


The U.K. is considered the most dangerous nation in the world for a terror threat against the President. The scale of the security force assigned to protect President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump is three times larger than the traveling military deployed/needed during the 2017 Mid-east trip to Saudi Arabia….

The Trump administration is fully aware of the U.K. government role and involvement in the plot to block his presidency….

America’s Commander-in-Chief has 1,000 of his own staff and closely-vetted security in the UK. More than a year of operational planning has gone into the security and training of elite positioned squads of U.S. military operatives for this visit.

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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones