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Three phases of the outpouring of the Spirit

Jul 25, 2018

I received this report today (from Greg) and thought that it should go to a broader audience…

I awoke early yesterday, July 24th, to see and hear the following:

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit comes in three phases, although most attention focuses on the final phase. However, the first two phases are preparatory and without them the third phase would not come. Since the present outpouring (so stated in light of this revelation) is the greatest in human history, the first two phases are obviously without precedent in terms of their scope and intensity - and the sheer intensity of the first two phases reveals the raw power coming in the third phase. While many are praying, prophesying and waiting for the third phase to begin, the reality is the outpouring as expressed in phases one and two has ALREADY begun! Those phases are preparing the way for phase three, which must surely come at the proper time.

PHASE ONE: The Wind of the Spirit
Unpredictable, disruptive, dangerous, shaking, mess-making, scattering, etc.

PHASE TWO: The Fire of the Spirit
Painful, purifying, all-consuming destruction, preparation for new growth, etc.

PHASE THREE: The Flood of the Spirit
Overwhelming, rearranging, landscape-changing, refreshing, restoring, etc.

*Phases one and two disrupt and destroy the current order and prepare the way for the new order. They render the old wineskin obsolete and prepare a new wineskin to receive the new wine which is given in the third phase.

*These phases come in people and places as God wills and directs. Eventually, phase three will engulf the entire world. However, from God's perspective, the great outpouring prophesied long ago is ALREADY underway in phases one and two. When and where phase three begins in HIS call, but we can rejoice NOW that it is surely coming!

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones